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    Illinois, USA
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    Video games, reading, writing, photography, movies

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    Ilaria, Melusine, Arriston, Calantha, Vendrian
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    Sith Marauder
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    Kellan the Quick
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    Ebonheart Pact - Irileth Dren, Shatters-Black-Stone
    Aldmeri Dominion - Miranya Elsinor, Indrelor
    Daggerfall Covenant - Elspeth Renault, Tristan Redain

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About Me

My name is Tawnee. I'm 31 and live in Illinois. My first video game was Duck Hunt, and my first video game enemy was the dog from Duck Hunt. I've owned an NES, N64, and Playstation 2 for consoles. Then I made the switch to playing on PC almost exclusively. My favorite genre of game is RPG. Some of my favorite games are the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, the Witcher series, the Fallout series, and the Elder Scrolls series. My favorite MMOs are Star Wars: The Old Republic and the Elder Scrolls Online. I only play MMOs that are related to single-player games or franchises I already enjoy like Star Wars. My favorite parts of MMOs are mostly the stuff you can do by yourself like questing, exploration, learning about the lore and crafting.


Someday I want to have enough money to travel the world. I want to visit all 50 states and every continent at least once. I'd love to visit almost every country (except the dangerous ones like North Korea) and see all the wonderful historical places and learn about other people and their cultures.


I love to write, and I want to publish a best-selling novel one day. I'm also really lazy and unmotivated though so this has been quite the challenge for me. I end up getting sucked into playing too many video games!




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