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  1. Definitely digging the game so far, haven't had a chance to play a ton yet (i think i'm level 9). I'll send a request after work today.
  2. I'm just starting Whisper in Shadows, the September book of the month. i just finished Foe by Iain Reid and highly recommend it. It's short (about 250 pages) and reads very quickly, it really begs to be read in one sitting (which I did this weekend). It was a great read and the kind of book I instantly wanted to discuss with someone. How are you liking the Dresden Files? They're my sole experience with urban fantasy, but i really love them. Until I caught up to the current book, they were my go to palette cleanser books after reading something particularly dense or if I was in a reading rut. I miss the days of Butcher putting out a book a year.
  3. I dig the idea of reading an ROH members book. The synopsis sounds like something i'd read anyway and it gets big bonus points in my book for being a completed series (i'm up to date on so many in progress series, that i've become a bit hesitant of anything that isn't stand alone or complete).
  4. I should be good Sunday evening after about 5 eastern.
  5. If you're a podcast addict like i am, i recommend checking out Reading Glasses ( They do book recommendations and discussions, interviews with authors (and other literary folks), etc., and the hosts are fantastic. It's a really entertaining show and i've found loads of great books that would have otherwise been pretty far outside my wheelhouse.
  6. I haven't read Age of War yet (but it is next up on my list), but i highly recommend anything by Michael J. Sullivan., especially his Riyria series. They're very easy reads and tend to be a little tropey (although it does move away from this over the course of the series) but they're really fun reads. If you've been reading some heavier series or otherwise need a palette cleanser (or you're not super familiar with fantasy as a genre), Sullivan is an easy recommendation.