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  1. I think taking out the "Gaming" part would make it cover more parts of the fandom, like the TCG and the show. I don't think it's a huge deal but it makes it all clearer
  2. I'm probably going to wait to hear more version information before I pick between the two. I'm leaning towards Grookey, I think it'll have some cool evolution designs
  3. I always try to change up my team between games. I've found a lot of Pokemon I really liked that I wasn't expecting to like that way. I'm always a sucker for dark and steel types so I try to fill my party up with those.
  4. I'm super excited! I always thought it was impressive that the Pokemon games can keep the same general formula going for so many years and still keep it fresh. All the little tweaks they do in between versions and additions to the remakes are all great Can't wait to see what they bring out for these I had thought the stadium was a hint at the new competition for the games- like the photo club or the beauty contests. So this might be some sort of mini game/sport event you play with your Pokemon? But having something like the old Stadium games is a good guess and I'd love that. I had so much fun playing Stadium way back.

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