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  1. Those are really cool character cards @Mithodris! What did you use to make them?
  2. Apologies for not updating this sooner, but I hope you all had an awesome Nanowrimo! I personally added a combined total of 62k words to two of my writing project during the month, and I'm really proud of myself! No matter how many words you wrote last month or beyond, the important part is that you're writing! I'm planning to start a draft for a new lgbt/fantasy story that I've been plotting recently and this will likely be my project for the winter! Let me know how your Nanowrimo went and what your plans are going forward!
  3. OMG so many birthdays today! Happy Birthday @SilentTheGray@DaveRoH, @Kabrinsky, and @Tyrtaeus ! 🥳

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all get to eat lots of yummy food and spend time with cherished people! ❤️ 

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      Have a great day y'all :)

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      Happy Thanksgiving @witchbolts

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    Parade of Homes!

    Join us on December 5th at 8:00pm EST for the December Parade of Homes! More info can be found HERE!
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    November Fashion Contest

    Who knows no fear of beast or blade? Join us on November 30th at 7pm EST for this month's Fashion Contest! (More info can be found HERE!)
  7. Hi everyone! I recently came across this awesome website for writing that turns your writing into a game! 4thewords has an awesome community and the game itself lets you decorate your character, complete quests that encourage writing, and fight monsters that you literally battle with your word count! I've only been using it for two days, but I'm really enjoying it and have noticed that it has motivated me to write more and stay focused! They currently have a fun event going on for Nanowrimo with aliens, but this site works for pretty much any writing! There is also a place to save your project that lets you create sections and easily create new documents! (I've personally been using the site for my sprints and then copying my progress over to my Scrivener document!) While this is technically a paid service ($5/month), they give you a free month when you make your account! If you are interested in checking this out (link to site is HERE) and decide to make an account (or already have an account), feel free to use my referral code: JXIUS96421 There is also a bonus code I found online for some bonus items for your account too, which is: TOMBSTONE Happy writing everyone!
  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread where we can discuss possible dates and times for future write-ins in discord! I am free pretty much all day Wednesday and Thursday (with the exception of 9pm EST for ESO RP), and could do some late night stuff Friday and Saturday! Let me know in this thread what days/times work best for you all, and we'll get something scheduled to hangout, do some writing sprints, and motivate each other to write!
  9. Hi everyone! I wanted to make a thread where we can keep a tag list for those interested in getting notifications on stuff posted in this interest group! Let me know if you would like to be added! (Also, let me know if you think there are any categories we should add!) General Nanowrimo Write-Ins
  10. Nanowrimo is officially concluded! Did you reach all of your writing goals this month? If you did, awesome! I'm so proud of you! And even if you didn't reach all of your writing goals this month, you still did some awesome work! Any progress is still progress and you can carry that momentum with you into the next month and beyond! Regardless, let's celebrate!
  11. Nanowrimo has begun! Time get those creative juices flowing and put pen to paper and words on the screen! You got this and can accomplish all of your writing goals!
  12. Wow! I can't believe it has already been 5 days since Nanowrimo started! I just passed 8k words tonight and I'm working on Chapter Three of my novel draft! I have a doctor's appointment, a job interview, and some other errands to run tomorrow, but I promise I'll work on setting up write-in dates for us tomorrow afternoon! I also added a calendar page to the interest group, so that we can list any write-ins or other events we want to feature! Happy writing everyone! I believe in you and we can do this!
  13. Hey everyone! I hope Nanowrimo is going well so far for all of you that are participating! My Nano journey has been a bit bumpy so far, but I'm staying on top of my word count goals and am proud of the progress I've made! my brain might totally be goo by the end of this though @Morgani @Jae Onasi @Laysa For a long time, I have also been on the bandwagon of "all first drafts are terrible," and have, at times, hated some of my writing. But I read something today that really changed my opinion and I would like to share it with you all! It's from a tumblr post I saw, while I was scrolling through my dash for inspiration/prompts earlier. So here is a toast to making our baby drafts the best they can be and to helping them grow! Remember to treat yourself and your writing with kindness!
  14. Welcome @Laysa! Also, I'm sure we can make something work for you too @Morgani! I tend to stay up really late (2AM-4AM EST and sometimes later if I've had enough caffeine/can't sleep)!
  15. Welcome @Morgani! I totally agree with you and @Helios on not feeling prepared enough for Nanowrimo! I've been sick almost all of October and that really killed any energy I had to put into prepping my writing project. However, there are plenty of youtube videos on "pantsing" Nanowrimo that I would be happy to share with you if it will help you feel more encouraged and motivated! Also, there is no shame in taking some time during the first couple days (or even later) to outline or structure what comes next in your writing project! The spirit of Nano is to get people feeling inspired and motivated to write, not just marathoning the 50k words! Also, I think it might be fun to have our own write-ins in discord or something where we could put on ClubROH for music and do sprints or just write together! Let me know if this is something any of you would be interested in and I will definitely schedule it! There are also lots of writers on youtube hosting live writing sessions too! You are not alone in this and remember that in RoH and beyond there are awesome writing communities here to support you! Tagging everyone in the interest group! (No worries, if you're not doing Nanowrimo! You are still welcome to join us during any writing sessions or hangouts we have during this month and beyond!)
  16. These are great! Thanks for sharing @Jae Onasi!
  17. witchbolts

    October Fashion Contest Party!

    Join us on October 31st at 7PM EST for our Fashion Contest Party! This month's theme is Monster, so be sure to bring your spookiest outfits to the party! All are welcome to attend and you can find more details HERE!
  18. Congrats on finishing your second novel @Jae Onasi! That's a major achievement! I also know the feeling of starting a fanfic and realizing it is a waaaay bigger project that you first expected! I have an ongoing Harry Potter fanfic that I write for some of my closest friends and it is currently just over 100k words! Also, you should totally start a writing group at your local library! Mine is currently getting renovated (a huge project that is supposed to take almost a year to finish), but once the building is back I'm hoping to start one at my library too!
  19. Thank you for the additions @Jae Onasi and @Stormtree! I have added them to the list!
  20. Hi everyone! With November fast approaching, I wanted to start a discussion on NaNoWriMo and see who in RoH is thinking of participating! I think it would be awesome for us to band together and support and encourage one another to reach our word count goals! Even if you're not going for the big 50k, any writing done still counts toward completing your project! So whether your goal is 10k, 50k, or something else, feel free to make an account on the NaNoWriMo website and add each other as writing buddies! You can share your NaNoWriMo profiles in this thread, as well as any tips you have for NaNoWriMo prep too! You can find my profile HERE to add me as a writing buddy! Happy writing everyone! - Savvy
  21. Oh no! That is every writer's nightmare @Helios! Hopefully that never happens to you ever again! NaNoWriMo is indeed approaching! I'm excited to do lots of extra writing come November!
  22. Thank you for sharing @RhemaTom! Added it to the list!