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  1. @Quaxo Zyrustiner Yeah! We are planning to play on Jan. 5th at...I forgot the time! Remind me @SilentTheGray @Carg! But you are welcome to join us!
  2. @Siscia You should totally still play with @Jaqques! It can be pretty hard to schedule with everyone's crazy busy lives, so we are happy to play with anyone who has the time to join us!
  3. @Jaqques I hope you and @Siscia have an awesome time playing through the game! We would love to play with both of you later on!
  4. @SilentTheGray @Carg Let's try for that then! Does Jan. 5th work for you too @Jaqques?
  5. The following documents contain MANY SPOILERS. Read at your own peril! I recently bought the Divine Ascension DLC, and founds some super awesome stuff! There is a super cool art book, as well as a lore book that I have yet to delve into! Also included was a ton of concept art and the soundtrack too! Lots of great resources to check out for fun, or if anyone is interested in getting a GM mode game set up! *wink wink* *nudge nudge* I uploaded everything to my Google Drive, so you can access the folder HERE!
  6. @SilentTheGray @Carg @Jaqques When is our next session going to be? I've been missing playing Divinity with you guys!
  7. @SilentTheGray @Carg So I was searching for quotes to put onto my updated forum signature, and came across this gem that reminded me of some of our DOS2 shenanigans! "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." - Terry Pratchett
  8. I will update this list, as I discover new mods! All of the ones on this list are available through Steam, and I have played the game using each of them, so they totally have my stamp of approval! CHARACTER CREATION - Majora's Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition (There is also a mod for the classic version of the game, which you can find HERE) - More Character Colors (Definitive Edition) (Classic Version found HERE)
  9. @SilentTheGray I can definitely do this next Friday! I'm also available during the daytime on most weekdays to play too! What time are we thinking for Friday?
  10. @SilentTheGray I'm working on getting a functional mod list together with descriptions to share with you all soon!
  11. I found a really awesome video of a game master mode session done by Matthew Mercer and some other awesome people that you can check out HERE! @SilentTheGray @Carg @Jaqques @Anan It might also be fun to have a Game Master Mode game of our own sometime!
  12. Fextralife has some really awesome builds too that you can check out HERE!
  13. @SilentTheGray Idk why, but there isn't a button for me to click "join group"... Maybe @Scoobs can help us?
  14. Happy Halloween everyone! 👻🦇🎃

  15. @Penarddun @Bonkey Thank you to you both for working on this for everyone to play together! I absolutely love Stardew Valley and I think it would be fun to have a community farm together! Unfortunately, I know very little about figuring out which mods will work for us! (I basically just install mods, and use them if they work, so I don't know anything about them outside of that LOL) I feel like loading up Stardew Valley and only going to the arcade to play the mini game is such a @Maeric thing to do!
  16. witchbolts

    GW2 Fracteronies!


    @Kokkinos We look forward to seeing you there!
  17. @ZEE88 Thank you! I've been gathering my collection since I was 10! My first book that my mom bought for me (I usually just borrowed books from the library) was Inkheart and it is still one of my favorites!
  18. I have so many books in my bookshelf that there are two rows of books on each self LOL
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