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  1. @crosius You should be good now with commish access to the yahoo league. I am up for playing again this year.
  2. Cycona123 started the early access today! Decided to go with the storm suit first.
  3. Happy Birthday!! 

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. In case you haven't seen it: 1. Dublin Micks 2. enfilade 3. Aaron's Amaz... 4. Bad Ash52 5. Koro's Dwarv... 6. Red n Gold 7. New York Bozos 8. Dragons 9. Michael's Ma... 10. Passi's Team As a reminder our draft is TOMORROW at 8:30 EST. If you cant be by a PC you can use the yahoo fantasy app to draft as well!
  6. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  7. Ya sorry I locked the league on Wednesday
  8. It should be good now or at least it shows Sunday on mine lol.
  9. Now that we have 10 teams, I will leave the league open until 8/22 to see if we have any more stragglers. On that day I will finalize the teams and you will have your draft order for Sunday. Again if you know anyone else that wants to join tell them to get to it!
  10. Yep 8 was the min I was hoping for still have time to get some more tho!
  11. Woops 8:30pm EST. Updated the original post.
  12. I know we have one that can't make the Saturday time. Its everyone ok with Sunday the 26th at 8:30pm EST?
  13. Sad to hear you are stepping away but I can take it. Are you still going to stay in the league for the season?
  14. Awesome still would like to find a couple more if anyone knows any.