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  1. She was yellow from pollen lol
  2. That's amazing! The real question though is when you're gonna let @Ezoura and I take it for some fun! Sooooo many things I'd love to do to mine. I need to take a newer pic of mine. It's kinda dirty right now lol. Mine is black so it's always dirty.
  3. I used a Fitbit for a while and it was great. When I started training harder I moved to a watch just for running and swimming. Use what works for you! I'll have to look into that app. Going back full keto next week so we are all in it together
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    Hope you had an amazing day, @Angelyxx! :) 

  5. Happy birthday @Angelyxx!!! All the success for you! :D :D 

  6. Happy Birthday @Angelyxx  - so glad you joined us :) 

  7. Happy Birthday!!


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  8. Happy birthday, my Jeep loving friend! I hope today is awesome!