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  1. inbound8863334907229273774.thumb.jpg.02895d5e1f58fa9114c441ababee9043.jpgBella turned 2 on Sept 1st. I can remember when I got her and was actively playing. Thinking of getting back in, but finding time is hard right now! 

  2. I have moved from Raleigh, NC down to Concord, NC.  I just purchased this house over the weekend. It's a 1700 y/o house. Since I just closed now I can start working on renovations to bring it back to what it was inside and the backyard..  BIG project but can't wait...



    1. Aravail


      I find it very hard to believe that's a 1700 year old house 😛  Joking aside, that house looks huge and in good shape from the oustide- you should post some before/during/after pictures as you renovate!

    2. Castada


      I will...It looks bigger than it is.. so much is porch that wraps around the whole house.. it's only 4 bedrooms and 2bths.. my brother who is a contracted us going to help me. But I will fit sure post photos..

  3. 2yrs ago with my father who has since passed.  Yesterday was my second Father's day without him...


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