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    Band (trumpet/french horn), teaching, herbal tea, gaming, hiking, biking, swimming, animal care, cats, going to the beach, crochet

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About Me

Hey! My name is Kelly, I'm a music teacher from CA who enjoys gaming in my spare time. I'm Kellrea/Kelly.7594, in-game, come say hello!


Gaming stuff:  I play lots of salads (sylvari in GW2) and enjoy gaming in general. I grew up with games starting with a Sega Dreamcast until I got a Gamecube/DS, and have always enjoyed gaming. My bf and brothers and I love gaming so I play with them often. In GW2 I main Soulbeast (Kellrea-PvE), Druid (Kisarry-Raids), and Weaver (Kelmare - themed as a skimmer mount trainer). I love the sylvari race/lore/areas. I enjoy PvE stuff and hanging out in game so don't hesitate to add me at Kelly.7594. I also play the harp in-game! Other than GW2 I enjoy Terraria, indie games like Bastion and Abzu, and I just started Overwatch. I am pretty open minded for games if anyone has suggestions, especially for exploring/puzzle type games!


Hobby stuff: Other than gaming I love being out in nature, whether it's parks, camping, swimming, hiking, biking, etc. I drink tea a lot, absolutely love herbal teas. I'm starting to learn crochet for a new hobby. I enjoy amateur photography too, you can check my stuff here but I don't have much up yet. For music, I really love classical, jazz, and chill relaxing instrumental stuff and movie soundtracks. I love new music, don't hesitate to send your favorites my way if you want to share! I really enjoy animated movies and shows like Studio Ghibli flicks,  Steven Universe/Adventure time, Song of the Sea, etc.


Job stuff: I just received my teaching credential this week and I'm starting a full time sub job this Fall teaching music (band and jazz band). I'm a trumpet and french horn player. :) I also work for an online music theory company, and a cat cafe. It's a shelter for 10-12 cats that is a nice open room and all the cats are adoptable! It's pretty much my dream job haha. I run kids events and help take care of the kitties.


My Timeline here at RoH:

1/5/19 Stepped down from recruitment assistant due to time constraints, still active

12/2 Completed the Guild Hall Tours Project for GW2

11/4 became Recruitment Assistant to Zen

2nd place - Raid Look-alike Costume Contest 10/27/18

3rd Place - Raid Necromancer Costume Contest 10/26/18

1st place - Funday Friday: Barrel of Crabs Aug 24th 2018

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