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  4. Happy birthday Wicked!!!!

    1. Wicked


      Thanks Ty! Miss you bud and hope you’re doing well!

    2. Tyrtaeus


      Miss you too! I'm doing great, dove headfirst back into ESO haha you?

    3. Wicked


      Hah nice! I started playing GW2 for the first time a few weeks ago and it’s been pretty fun so far. Definitely a lot more to learn than I originally thought lol.

  5. Happy birthday Wicked! Have a great day! 

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a great day! 🎉


    clapping applause GIF

    1. Wicked


      Thank you!!

  7. Hey, @Wicked!  Did you ever play Shadowbane, back in the day?  I only ask because that was my very first MMO and I remember a player named "Wicked" from back then.   :D


    Glad you are with us!   


    Have fun!



    1. Wicked


      Hey! Sadly I haven’t ever played Shadowbane so sorry for the bad news 😂. And thanks for the kind words, I’m glad to be here!

    2. Skywolven


      No problem.  Shadowbane was a good game for its time.  Had a lot of fun playing it.  


      Take care!

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