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  1. Personally I like discord waaay better than teamspeak but ofc we will always use teamspeak because we are apart of this community I know I am late to the party but I also just wanted to say thanks for setting up everything! Its been awesome
  2. Really like the ideas so far. Not sure what other events we can do but maybe something that involves the whole group of us kind of like the Secret Santa did? That was so much fun hanging out in the guild house, chatting and messing around with everyone. Maybe every two weeks/month have some sort of guild house event? Not like a meeting but more just hanging out. Not sure what we could do but it would be fun to have some sort of group messing around or exchanging gifts/tips/things to do etc. I have no clue what this ramble has become but anyways!
  3. If this is still a thing, please add me to the list for PVE, Playing FF in general / raiding eventually as well Thanks!

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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