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  1. Carg

    Best site to buy game?

    Yup, if you buy in steam, your then locked to buying steam expansions
  2. Carg

    Game Session Scheduling

    Yup, you folks have fun, sadly Friday is my D&D Night, so i won't be able to partake.
  3. PvE ... come max level (currently 70), i may actually get into crafting ... but that's a big May ... Crafting. it needs far too much space in your inventory!
  4. Carg


    well, it's true ... for however long the remainder of his life is
  5. Carg

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    well, apparently it doesn't officially start till 10 EST
  6. Carg

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    So is this still happening tonight? and if so, it's going to be before 10 EST?
  7. Carg

    Game Session Scheduling

    yup, 12/7 is good for me i hope (depends on my current project work situation ...)
  8. Carg

    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    Hmm, i feel like this will be a challenge for me to find just the right thing for whomever i get, but yeah, i guess you can also count me into this as well.
  9. Carg

    Game Session Scheduling

    I'll kick things off: Well for me, weekends work, but my weekends are also sometimes filled with RL activities. So Saturday afternoons (EST) as well as let's say Sunday mornings (EST) During the week, my best nights for this sort of thing would be Wednesday's after 5:30 EST.
  10. Have fun with that dungeon i won't name. But i mean, if you need webs, you need webs.
  11. i have not finished the game, so appreciate all the spoiler tags you're using. Thanks!
  12. Carg

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    nice idea, love it!
  13. Carg


    I believe the graphic with the breakdown was posted a few times on the FFXIV reddit after the fan expo wrapped, just don't happen to have the links with me.
  14. Carg

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    @Kynyou may want to update the roster on the first page of this last update was Nov 3rd.
  15. Carg

    Steam VS NotSteam

    I bought through steam, but I've also never played through steam. I installed the game from the ffxiv website. I'm able to use the non-steam version of the game without issue. The only restriction you have if you buy from steam, any expansions etc need to also be obtained through steam. Which means, for example right now, it looks like the game is on sale in the Squeenix store, but I don't have any access to it because i have the steam game. There are instructions online that will let you have it set up like this (essentially i think it's get your registration keys from within steam, then go to mog station and add in the steam registration codes). I'm not sure how the subscription through steam wallet works, i always go to mog station to pay for the time, however long at a time it is. Otherwise everything Champ's said is correct too Hope this isn't too confusing and helps.

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