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    Geekery, MMORPGS, Fantasy RPGS, cooking, kittens, glitter and fun.

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    Ameria, Nima
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    Jedi Sentinel
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    Jahnya Skadi
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    Sulissurn Xukuth

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  1. The secret to life is: nobody knows what they are doing or what anyone else is doing and if they do, they are faking it to look like they do but they really don't. So never feel defeated about learning something new no matter what age you are. 

  2. Happy Birthday @Pinkatron2000!!  I hope you're doing well, and that you have a fabulous birthday. :)



    1. Pinkatron2000


      Thank you so much! I am, and I did! I got a new job that's SEO and work from home! 

  3. @Ezoura It is! I love it so much, and it was the final push to get me into playing D&D!
  4. Pinkatron2000

    Pinkatron's 3D Dabbling

    An album in which I dabble horribly at making 3D art as a complete newbie with DAZ Studio.
  5. I'm cancelling this week! It's been butts. BUTTS, I say! 

  6. So tired. A little worried I may not make a lot of events due to a lot of work. But I have lavender tea, and that's ok too. Will be so happy when my shift is over tomorrow! I have the night and next day to play ESO! 

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