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    Geekery, MMORPGS, Fantasy RPGS, cooking, kittens, glitter and fun.

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    Ameria, Nima
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    Jedi Sentinel
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    I can't remember ;-;
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    Sulissurn Xukuth

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  1. Happy Birthday @Pinkatron2000!!  I hope you're doing well, and that you have a fabulous birthday. :)



    1. Pinkatron2000


      Thank you so much! I am, and I did! I got a new job that's SEO and work from home! 

  2. @Ezoura It is! I love it so much, and it was the final push to get me into playing D&D!
  3. An album in which I dabble horribly at making 3D art as a complete newbie with DAZ Studio.
  4. I'm cancelling this week! It's been butts. BUTTS, I say! 

  5. So tired. A little worried I may not make a lot of events due to a lot of work. But I have lavender tea, and that's ok too. Will be so happy when my shift is over tomorrow! I have the night and next day to play ESO!