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  1. Its been a week since the update has been released, and as a dwarrow fan(atic) I can say, its great! Just watch out for Withered Heath, the place is a bit too overcrowded with drakes at the moment
  2. Hello! I am Jacob, and I joined Remnants of Hope not long ago, being active in SWTOR section. Although I play LOTRO for over 4 years, hence I though I can share some news with you. My kinship, aswell as few others, are organising yearly Harnkegger Games. What are those? Think of it as place for various competitions - from racing, to riddle solving, to fence jumping, to song contest, you name it we got it. The server that the games are going to be placed on is going to be Laurelin The details are on this site : http://harnkeggergames.simplesite.com/ Events usually start at 2/2:30PM EU servertime and they will be going trough entire week. Even if you are not in EU timezone, if you have found some time, you are most welcome! Also, if any of you come, look for a dwarf named Hosgrim. He will give you a beer and some pork stew as long as you dont make jokes about his beard. With regards HosPie