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    United Kingdom
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    Football (American Soccer), the Scientific World - specifically pharmaceutical sciences & the development/creation of medicines, SWTOR, story writing, math & statistics

Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

  • SWTOR Names
    Joyeite - sentinel dps / Nushim - shadow tank / Azilori - vanguard dps / Clargak - commando heals / Drayanosis - Juggernaut dps / Xaxaal - Mercenary dps
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    Jedi Sentinel
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    Alpí - Azilori - Azilorí
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  • Profession

Elder Scrolls Online Character Reference

  • ESO Names
    Irora Thaurane - High Elf Sorc
    Elielde - High Elf Sorc

World of Warcraft Character Reference

  • WoW Names
    Joyseite - Night Elf
    Azilori - Pandaren (Alliance)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!! 🎉

  2. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  3. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  4. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 

  5. Have a very happy birthday!! 🎉


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  6. Heyyyy! Have a very Happy Birthday 🎉


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    1. Baralion


      Thanks! I appreciate it!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! 🎉

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  11. Wishing one of the most amazing people I know, the happiest of birthdays!! 🎉
    You put in great amounts of effort into the community - and deserve an awesome birthday full of happiness!

    May the force be with you! 


    ~ Azi


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  12. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  13. returning member can you invite me to the pub side guild please?

    1. Azilori


      Glad to see you are returning to the game! Please pop a message in discord or in game  (type "/who Remnants of Hope") and someone should be able to get back to you.... I won't be able to get in game until later :)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!! :) 

  15. Have a very happy birthday bud!!! 🎉


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    1. Azzareth


      Thanks Azi 

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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