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  1. happy birthday party GIF by Leannimator


    Happy birthday!!

  2. Ezoura

    Jeep in Sunset

    She is! I have a few changes if like to make, but I really love stock Jeeps.
  3. Ezoura

    Jeep in Sunset

    We had a gorgeous sunset not too long ago at work that hit the Jeep juuuust right.
  4. Ezoura

    Post your Routine

    @Krafted You're awesome! Thanks!!
  5. Ezoura

    Post your Routine

    Do you happen to have the routine? I deal with a lot of stress at work and it's causing tightness in my muscles (mainly shoulders and chest). Not to mention occasionally having to pick up 70+ Lbs dog. I have attended some seminars and read some books to help delegate some tasks to other employees and to manage my time better and help mentally, but I'd appreciate some pointers in stretching for my physical state. I danced all my life up until college so I've tried to incorporate some of those routines. Since I'm interested in picking up yoga practice, I'd love to hear what worked for you.
  6. Ezoura

    Post your Routine

    Man, I did this my first two years of marriage and PACKED on the weight. I had terrible depression that kept me from leaving my home. I finally got my junk together with the mental help I needed and started working out and got a job. 40 Lbs lost and I stopped. I've maintained my weight since then (probably due to my job), but I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things. Right now my routine starts in the kitchen with keeping my daily calorie count under control. I'm attempting to get into a schedule of walking my dogs regularly also (to help stengthen them in their old age). Once I get my eating habits and daily walks with my dogs down, I'll begin adding an actual workout routine to that. Small steps for big goals! I have about another 15-20Lbs to lose! Diabetes and heart disease runs in both mine and my husband's family. We are refusing to let that happen to us.
  7. There is an open beta happening from now to January 27! Check it out! I will be playing!
  8. Ezoura

    Protein Shake Ideas

    My go-to is: 1/2 banana 1c frozen fruit mix (whatever is in my freezer) Protein source (1/2c greek yogurt and/or protein powder) almond milk fresh spinach I'll have to try yours!
  9. Happy birthday, @Elidien! I hope your day is fantastic!

    happy birthday cat GIF

    1. Elidien


      Thank you!

  10. Ezoura


    Critical Roll is such an awesome show!
  11. Ezoura

    Warrior Jeep Build

    @Gleamor1 Dude, you're awesome!
  12. Ezoura


    Yeah, the doctor I worked for noped out of that clinic and I followed. Much better working environment with a management position. WTF with Marc Maron is one of my favorites! I also love Lore and DLC Video Game Podcast.
  13. Ezoura


    I am all about some self-help books and podcasts! Thanks! It was a rough time at my previous job. Life is SO MUCH better now. I just keep myself busy and I'm good. If I don't create a job for myself, then I get all emotional and depressed.

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