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  1. Happy, happy birthday! I hope you had a great day!

  2. Hi, @Plague! DnD online can definitely be done. I've played before with some guild members from the past and my husband as the DM. I'll have to attempt to remember what programs we used for dice rolling, etc. I'll let you know when I think of them!
  3. Happy birthday, my Jeep loving friend! I hope today is awesome!

  4. Ezoura

    Ezoura's Fitness Goals: September

    I have not done anything Work has kicked my butt these past few weeks as well as life in general. I have had no energy to do anything. Thanks for the check-in though! Now that things have gone back to a somewhat-normal pace, I'm hoping to get back on track.
  5. Happy belated birthday, Jaskra!! So sorry I missed it! I hope your day was just as wonderful as you are ❤️

  6. Ezoura

    [ESO-PvE] DPS Clinic


    I unexpectedly lost a member of my furry family this afternoon. I really wanted to be a part of this, but just can't bring myself to log on. I would really appreciate if this or something similar is hosted in the future! Have fun, y'all!
  7. Happy birthday!!

    1. TheGeekyNurse


      Thank you! It was wonderful. 😃 

    2. Ezoura


      Awesome! Glad to hear that!

  8. I'd like to be added please!
  9. Since we only have one week left in the month ends, my fitness goal is to put a plan into writing and actually begin it. Getting started after falling off the bandwagon is just as hard as maintaining in my book. The anxiety of going to a gym kills me. I've even driven to a gym with the intention to work out just to turn around and go home. Also... I need to throw out all the cereal in my house. In fact, i just had two bowls of Reese's Puffs for lunch. It's my go-to snack filled with carbs & sugar that is like a bad addiction. My overall goals are to: Quit vaping - I've lowered myself to a 3mg from a 6mg within the last month. I'd like to go to a 0mg and break the habit completely. I'd love to not be dependent on this as a stress reliever, especially since I want to get pregnant soon-ish (within the next year). Run a 5k. Join a local triathlete training group. My boss has a bike she has lent me until I decide what to buy/save money for. Make yoga a daily practice. I'm so sick of being stiff and sore all the time. I really love that @Valareos had the idea of breaking up our goals by the month. It makes it super obtainable as well as being able to look back and see our progress. I'm thankful to find this group and am excited!
  10. Ezoura

    Nyx's Fitness Goals ^_^

    I just say I have my "cat mom" bod The stationary bike sounds awesome! I try to hold planks while watching TV or squats since I have no workout equipment at home.
  11. Ezoura

    Nyx's Fitness Goals ^_^

    This is my goal! When you first began, which of the three did you focus on most? Was it a progression with all three at once or did you complete goals individually?
  12. Ezoura

    Nyx's Fitness Goals ^_^

    You and I are in the same boat when I started with beginning weight and goal! I lost 40 Lbs in 9 months in 2016. I stopped when stress overwhelmed me and gained 10 Lbs back. Beginning of this summer I dropped another 14 Lbs and stopped. I'm trying to get motivated to lose the last 16 Lbs I have. I began using a c25k program and hit a plateau. I did a lot of reading and began weight training 3x a week in addition to c25k and the results were amazing. As far as diet goes, I ate lean proteins and a TON of vegetables. Carbs such as brown rice and sweet potatoes were limited to one serving a day (I binge more if I cut carbs completely). I also had fruit, protein powder and nuts as a snack if I got hungry before meal time. My biggest help was having easily accessible foods and snacks. I would preportion everything and have it in to-go bags so I could just grab them. Good luck on your healthy journey! I definitely want to start again! @Nyx may I ask your height?

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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