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  1. F it and new trailer @Gleamor1! I'm going to live vicariously through you!
  2. Ezoura

    [ESO] Guild Story RP


    Hey, @TheGeekyNurse! I’m not in the RP department, but I’m willing to bet that they’d love to have you observe to see what RP is all about! Tagging our new officer for the RP department @Icy so he can help answer any questions you may have or let you know about the department!
  3. Ezoura

    Battlegrounds/Cyrodiil Exploration

    When: Sundays at 12pm EDT Where: Any Battleground Arena Requisites: At least level 10+; Teamspeak Battlegrounds Bring any alliance character you have and join the ranks in Battlegrounds! Battlegrounds are an arena-style event made up of groups of 4 players. We coordinate players to specific groups to show off our skills and rack up on alliance points and different items you can obtain through Battlegrounds only. We offer this event on Sundays at 12pm Eastern. When: Sundays at 12pm EDT Where: Cyrodiil Requisites: At least level 10+ Ebonheart Pact; Teamspeak Cyrodiil Explorations Once monthly, we will have a Cyrodiil Explorations event! This is based on in game events, input from other players and just plain silliness. The event can change at any time so please, check our our events forum for upcoming Sunday runs!
  4. Oh, dang! I missed it! A very happy belated birthday to you, @dariusdragon! Thank you for all you do for our PvP team!!


    happy birthday cat GIF

    1. dariusdragon


      Your a sweetheart. :)


  5. stan marsh birthday GIF by South Park


    Happy Birthday!!

  6. A little late posting these, but here they are!
  7. happy birthday GIF

    1. Krafted


      Aww I love it! Thank you girl 💖

  8. happy birthday party GIF by Leannimator


    Happy birthday!!

  9. Ezoura

    Jeep in Sunset

    She is! I have a few changes if like to make, but I really love stock Jeeps.
  10. We had a gorgeous sunset not too long ago at work that hit the Jeep juuuust right.
  11. @Krafted You're awesome! Thanks!!
  12. Do you happen to have the routine? I deal with a lot of stress at work and it's causing tightness in my muscles (mainly shoulders and chest). Not to mention occasionally having to pick up 70+ Lbs dog. I have attended some seminars and read some books to help delegate some tasks to other employees and to manage my time better and help mentally, but I'd appreciate some pointers in stretching for my physical state. I danced all my life up until college so I've tried to incorporate some of those routines. Since I'm interested in picking up yoga practice, I'd love to hear what worked for you.
  13. Man, I did this my first two years of marriage and PACKED on the weight. I had terrible depression that kept me from leaving my home. I finally got my junk together with the mental help I needed and started working out and got a job. 40 Lbs lost and I stopped. I've maintained my weight since then (probably due to my job), but I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things. Right now my routine starts in the kitchen with keeping my daily calorie count under control. I'm attempting to get into a schedule of walking my dogs regularly also (to help stengthen them in their old age). Once I get my eating habits and daily walks with my dogs down, I'll begin adding an actual workout routine to that. Small steps for big goals! I have about another 15-20Lbs to lose! Diabetes and heart disease runs in both mine and my husband's family. We are refusing to let that happen to us.

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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