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  1. I never knew or spoke to you @Grumps, but you were one of us. Thank you from your service, and for your sacrifice. May your spirit find peace, and your family solace.

  2. I need to get this off my chest, and that is why I am posting it here, and not in any general forum.

    We, Americans all, should be ashamed, horrified, and angry for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C.

    I know people are numb to the horrific last couple of years of toxic rhetoric, divisive politics, and touchy topic... but stars above my fellow Americans WAKE UP!


    Our Capitol fell, not to a foreign enemy, not to a smuggled explosive, but to a mob of our own misguided and indoctrinated people.

    Nero played Twitter, while Rome burned.


  3. until

    I can be there for backup, I can either DPS or tank
  4. I thought this video had some interesting perspective from the actor who played Jar Jar, also, it's nice to think about something else for a time in a galaxy far far away :)


  5. So, went to Wal-Mart and HEB yesterday, not really to buy much, just to take pictures and see how bad it's gotten. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Water, baby wipes, Rice, Beans, Pasta, Ramen, so many things just gouged, if not wiped out from the store shelves. It's crazy.

    I look at our reaction as a society with more disappointment then anything else. I am not really surprised, just disappointed.

    However, I am sure that this too, will pass. Just be careful out there guys. Keep calm, listen to the medical experts, and be safe.

    Cheers comrades.

    P.S. Also, one of my favorite comedians did a good video on the virus, could be worth listening to if you got the time :)



  6. I think this is worth watching, enjoy!!~


  7. I seriously was considering getting World of Warcraft Classic, and then this bombshell dropped a few weeks back. Damn man, what a world we live in. Not buying Activision Blizzard's products anytime soon, and I urge you all to do the same.


  8. So, three things I want to touch on relating to this bit of news. Spoilers for those still watching Game of Thrones.


    1. I was a huge Game of Thrones fan while David and DB Weiss ran things, up until they ran out of book material. I've read the books by George R.R, Martin, and I loved the show ... that is, until they had nothing else to go on. I will not even start going down the rabbit hole of how badly the last season of Game of Thrones was. But, David and DB Weiss wanted to move on to bigger things, like Star Wars. So, the last season was rushed, and we got what we got.


    2. Now that this news has dropped, they rushed the last season of Game of thrones for ... nothing? I am not happy they chose to put a potential deal with Lucasfilms up first, without it being ironclad mind you, in lieu of their current work in the Song of Ice and Fire series.


    3. My personal thoughts on the matter is that I am glad David and DB Weiss left their deal on Star Wars. If their track record with their handling of Game of Thrones is any indication of how creative they are, then we in the Star wars community are better off with them gone. We already have Rian Johnson to deal with, do not give us two more trouble people to contend with.


    On the plus side, the latest Mandalorian trailer looks AWESOME!!!

  9. Wow, and to think I was considering getting Wow Classic, not after this mess, this is some next level bogus going on with Activision and how they bent over backwards to please China. I think revisiting Azeroth can wait.


  10. I love Star Wars Theory, and this video is a good recent topic on some events we all may know ;)




  11. So, I got some rest, and I figured I'd further explain my thoughts here, cause why not? I just woke up, may as well.


    I felt I had to share the Jeremy Jahns and Star Wars Theory videos down below.

    Again, I stress that if you don't want to see big fans of Star Wars finally process all that's going on with all the stuff from Bob Iger's book, then please carry on. But Jeremy Jahns is guy who meet The Force Awakens as I did with starry eyed excitement, his Star wars blanket drapped around him. Yet, like me, he has slowly become jaded as he processed everything with the new film series under the Mouse.


    So, why Two back to back Star Wars posts about fans who discuss the same issue back to back? Why am I doing that? Well for one, been a lifelong fan of this series, it's something I partake in on a daily basis, and ... well I'll explain a bit more down below.


    I am a critic of The Last Jedi, a vapid one according to several of my close friends and family. So, I try to follow people on Youtube who try to be positive about things concerning Star Wars or contribute more to the Star Wars community as a whole.


    Trust me, TRUST ME, there are numerous people on the internet who rip into the Disney movies. While I have watched some of those, I try to follow people who generally are not always toxic, just being trolls, or just constantly bashing everything Star Wars and Disney related.


    I prefer to not always be cynical about something I love ... it makes my view of Star Wars into something darker then I want it to be.


    Jeremy Jahns and Star Wars Theory are two voices I follow and listen to because I feel they are genuine people who try to be positive voices in a fandom going through a very rough patch.


    Jeremy Jahns here is a reviewer who is quick in his thoughts on watching movies, playing games, or giving his perception on things.I believe he is a genuine fan of Star Wars like me, and seeing his processing of the Bob Iger news mirrors my own. It's saddening on a level I fear I cannot truly describe.


    In the previous post I made, it was from Star Wars Theory. This guy is currently making a mini series, out of his own pocket, about Darth Vader. He got approval from Disney itself, and tries to be a voice of reason and calm despite the current trends in the fandom right now to bash Disney's handling of Star wars.


    These are two voices of calm, positive, and good-hearted fans who are now processing Bob Iger's words as to how Disney has handled a franchise that has touched generations.


    Why does this matter to me so much?


    Let me try and explain it like this:


    If you lose the support of the extreme spectrum of a fanbase, they are like the mob. They are fickle by nature, so they tend to go with the trends and social pressures of the time. It happens at times with all fandoms at some points in their interest cycle.


    I saw it happen to Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Lost, and many more.


    But when you shaken the resolve of the fans who try to steer the conversation in a positive and supportive way, then it means a fandom is truly shaken.


    Maybe I'm leaning into hyperbolic territory here, but I cannot help but feel as Star Wars Theory and Jeremy Jahns do to some degree.


    They are fans like me, and they mirror many, but not all, of my own feelings on Star Wars currently under the Empire of the Mouse. 


    But, again I stress. If you feel as I and many fans do, you are not alone. Talk to your fellow fans, but don't go ugly on it. Remember Star Wars brought us all together. I urge you all to please not let it fester and grow like a disease. How can something be so bad, if it brought all of us Hopians together?

    Remember those simply words that made us smile, feel like we've taken steps into a larger world, and led us into the family we are now.

    "The Force will be with you, always."



    Alright, posted from my phone, but I felt I had to share this. If you don't want to see a big fan of Star Wars finally process all that's going on, carry on. But Jeremy Jahns is guy who meet The Force Awakens as I did with excitement.... and like me, he has slowly become jaded as he processed everything with the new film series under the mouse. 


    Feels bad comrades. So, what can a fan do? Well, see the flaws, the wrongdoings, and try to be the change they wish to see. So I'll try and be that change through my characters and stories. It ain't much, but it gives me peace amidst all this mess.


    Cheers comrades. Thanks for being awesome.

    1. RoguishZero


      DUDE, I wanted to post this!  I always watch this guy for movie reviews!  Last night, I saw this pop up on my phone and was hoping for his take on it. What I got is nothing of what I wanted to see or feel...

        I basically can feel on this level.  Im not going to lie, when I say, when Disney bought the IP and all I was hyped, and same as well for The Force Awakens, but than seeing what is happening hurts to see this. Now, seeing JJ actually post this, and basically felt like me mirroring myself say what he said, I kinda feel even more sad.  It hurts even more because I have been seeing his reviews since he first started with Revenge of the Fallen.  I relate to most of his reviews and actually feel like he does give his honest opinion. So, yeah seeing this...and thinking back on how he felt when this was starting up just to see this... yeah It is heart breaking.

      TYSM Kush for posting this!

    2. Vorn


      I'm glad the movies are nice for some folks.  Because I can, I stick with the Legends material as "canon" and I'm with the eff this sh*t crowd 😛 Stackpole and Zahn and Dark Horse Comics  FTW!!! 


      I wonder if they will ever tell the story of Revan and Bastilla and if the mess that up...meh...I will watch it once and never again and then go play KOTOR which was a wonderful set of stories depending on choices and was a terrific experience.


    While I feel for George Lucas, he sold his creative control to Disney. I thank him for what he started, but now it's no longer his baby anymore. The Empire of the Mouse has it firmly in hand, and I fear it will never be free from it's hold for a long time.


    I am just indifferent to the Star Wars films now after the Last Jedi and Solo. I'll go see them, just because of the memories. The Mandalorian and Clone wars I'll hope for that spark that is Star wars, but beyond that I'll just see what happens at this point.

    1. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      I gotta watch that clip still. Disney has ruined SW for me and there's no sign of it ending. The Mandalorian already has rumors of political agenda features and the KOTOR project has the same thing going on. There's no interest in just telling good stories anymore. Really disappointing. 

    2. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      I will try and be hopeful for the future of SW, but Disney sure is not making it an easy slog @_@

  14. Nope, do not want, at all.


  15. Well, this is not good news for us I fear comrades. Best get ready to see certain changes coming to EA games, just hope we only have to watch it instead of enduring it.




    1. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      I play a lot of EA NHL games. They're already far too focused on Ultimate team "HUT" play and micro-transactions. I hope they don't make SWTOR worst. Subscribing is expensive and the game is pretty unplayable, I say, if you don't. And how do you resist all the goodies in the cartel market?

    2. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      I hear your concern man, I guess we'll see what happens, also, got the video to actually show now cause it cannot show links from my phone ... odd >_<

  16. Well, this is not good news for us I fear comrades. Best get ready to see certain changes coming to EA games, just hope we only have to watch it instead of enduring it.



  17. If you are a gamer, then you owe it to yourself to watch this video. I love being a gamer, it's been a part of my life. I've met some wonderful people while gaming from all walks of life, from all over the world. But this video says it all clear as day.

    Video gaming has a problem, a big honking, stinking, addictive problem. So, here I am, hoping to spread awareness that my favorite hobby is being an absolute predator on it's consumers.

    Arm yourself with knowledge my friends, cause it's bad @_@



  18. Fair warning, a bit of a rant here.

    I .. can't be excited for Game of Thrones anymore.


    I've been critical of things since the Battle of Winterfell, as a military history hobbyist. My father is now saying that my critical look at Game of Thrones is doing two things.


    1. Being influenced by opinions online. Which pisses me off as I like seeing other people's opinions about one of the greatest shows of all time. I love the community and being a part of something bigger then myself. It makes me feel like I am a part of a larger group you know? But when my dad bring that up, it just kinda makes all that seem stupid. 

    Seriously, no one knows best how to cut deeply into ya like family


    2. My critical mindset of Game of Thrones is ruining his enjoyment.


    I could go into what I feel is lazy writing, character arcs that fall flat on it's face quicker then Hot Pie into one of his pastries, or the obvious plot armor, respawning forces after battles, or just the smartest characters in the show making more stupid choices then a second Death star.


    But ... I'm sadly starting to just not care anymore. I've read the books, and I am invested in the world.


    Sadly, at this point I just want to see the show end and get my Sundays back.

  19. Heard about what happened to Notre-Dame today while at work... couldn't really believe it, but it happened. After the shock had worn off a bit, I found my own peace in what happened by a interesting line of reasoning.

    The works of mankind can be undone, but by the will, care, and love of one's culture and history, mankind can reforge, renew, and restore what was broken.

    Notre-Dame is in the best of hands, and I have faith that the people of France will rebuild this wonder of the world.



  20. For the third time, a trilogy comes to an end ... this better be good.


    1. Chelly


      I thought they were all good.  *hides*  Though I am very curious about the title?  I hope they didn't bow to pressure and make her  a skywalker or a solo.  I rather her be a normal person who just got the lucky roll of the dice from the force because they figured ok this generation she is the chosen one or whatever. 


      I just hope she stops doing the weird facial expressions she has done in the last two movies.  I know it supposed to convey her struggling but it looks so weird it takes me out of the movie.


      I will definitely will have to go to the theater and watch this when it comes out.  I really did like the video.

  21. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC via Steam.


    I thus have only one thing to say ...


    Image result for shut up and take my money

  22. Okay, I may go to the theaters to see this film :)




  23. Yup, same, in fact it was cause of @Laysa I am reading said series. Will definitely be a big help next time I play a Paladin and need a inspiration to not be 'lawful stupid'
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