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  1. @orbitoclast I'm in the server, but my role/rank doesn't permit me to post to any subchannel. Is there supposed to be a "general" channel where I can post?
  2. If you haven't watched asiangod's video on Pinnacle, it's really good explanation of mechanics. Also for some advanced tanking, watch Nefas' video on how he solo tanks both the main boss and the steamer. You may not decide to handle it this way, but his footwork dodging the steam is what the OT and melee dps can do when engaging the boss. The optimal 2 tank method is to hold the main boss and the steamer on opposite edges the inner octagon, The MT needs to space outside of range of the steamer's AoE, while the OT positions the steamer so that they both get damage by cleave and ultimates.
  3. Good luck team. If you aren't already setting up your CP, Nefas has really good suggestions for vHoF per role.