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    Birthday Lets GIF

    1. Chelly


      Thank you *hugs*

  2. Hoping your Birthday is filled with pure awesome friend! 😁 🎉


    1. DigitalMonk


      Thank you Jaskra this is cool!

  3. Hello to my Tamriel Family!


    It's been far too long since I checked in and I do apologize; I realize I might just be the inkling of a memory now, but I still wanted to say hello once more.


    What a whirlwind year!


    I had intended to leave only for a few months, hoping my 1st trimester symptoms would see their end. Unfortunately, though I had a healthy baby growing the result was a fairly incapacitated Mama-to-be! My nausea, severe food aversions, and stomach troubles followed me all the way into the 3rd trimester where they then were replaced by SEVERE carpal tunnel (which hasn't completely subsided even now).  In addition, my short torso caused my steadily growing little one to constantly dislocate my right ribs and put pressure on the intercostal nerve there (a foot sometimes added extra oomph the pain to boot!). Sadly, gaming was almost impossible as it would cause motion-sickness and then was just too painful with the numbness in my hands and  the abdominal nerve pain.  My little one decided to add the icing to the cake by presenting an arm through my cervix at birth, which resulted in a mandatory C-section. I'm grateful to say that I've healed decently well postpartum and I have a healthy baby girl!


    Amelia "Mia," was born Thursday, September 5th @ 8:04pm.



    It's hard to believe it's been over 3 months since then. She has grown and changed so much in such a short amount of time!

    I hope this finds you all well. I've missed playing with you all in Tamriel and hope (baby willing lol) I'll be able to join you in Elsweyr!




    Happy Holidays!



    1. Telana




      JASKRA!!!! OMG i've missed you!!!! So happy to hear all is well and of your new bundle of joy- HUGE CONGRATS!! What a beautiful baby girl (and beautiful family I might add)! You and the hubby must be super proud :)❤️ 


      Hope to see your swift return to Tamriel soon!! Oh and happy holidays!!! ❤️❤️ 


    2. Nyx


      She is so cute!!! ❤️ Welcome back, we definitely missed you!

    3. Daizey


      She's adorable! 😍 So glad you and the little bundle of cuteness are doing well.  We've missed you and look forward to maybe seeing you in the near future! :) 

  4. Cat share...because cats...<3 

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