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  1. Niffellhell

    [GW2] Niffell Night "To Hero Points We Hunt!"

    Need some hero points done to get that your character's spec fully unlocked or have a hard HP that you can't get mapped?, Well join the squad and we'll get it done! No planned out route, Just HP's upon request to mix it up and make it a bit more fun ~.^
  2. Niffellhell

    [GW2] Niffell Night "Portals For Points"

    Need help with map mastery points? Well look no further! This Mesmer will get even the hardest map mastery points for you courtesy of fantastic portals and loyal mounts, come join us if you need to snag a few points to get that next mastery etc. ~.^ (Disclaimer: Some masteries may need to be unlocked such as poison mastery so some of the points may not be available to you if you do not have it unlocked etc.)
  3. Niffellhell

    [GW2] Niffell Night "Fractal Ladder"

    Come join us as we climb our way through the mists via fractals from 1 to who knows ~.^
  4. Niffellhell

    [Gw2] Niffell Night "Dungeon Dice"

    The dice will decide our dungeon fate. Join up for random dungeon clears across Tyria!
  5. just saw the post for assistant of pvp wvw but i think another good addition for this post can be Omni the trial person that is trying to join RoH:hope in my opinion , i've heard him talked thru some conversations  and trying to help people out in game for wvw or pvp, soo that would be another great assistant, for both u and mearic

  6. I just saw that you actually added Siscia's quote, that is amazing lol

    1. Niffellhell


      It made me laugh so much...I just had to :D 

  7. Niffellhell

    Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /Sign -Syns Sway

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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