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    Join Niffellhell as he rolls the dice to determine fortune or folly in this random dungeon Crawl ;)
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    Join @Niffellhell and his faithful as they run across the expansions of Tyria to gather Hero points via battle or commune
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    Ascalon belongs to the Charr and yet these annoying eminations of a rightfully dead people just won't go away! Join me as I delve into the Ascalonion Catacombs to clear out these worthless spirits and the gravelings who have infested these tombs! I will have sign ups for groups to do full clears (They all die!) on all 4 paths including the storymode...If you need tokens for monk runes or just want to enjoy some good ol' dungeon running, come join us for a night of spectral abatement
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    Come join us as we climb our way through the mists via fractals from 1 to who knows ~.^
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    The dice will decide our dungeon fate. Join up for random dungeon clears across Tyria!
  6. just saw the post for assistant of pvp wvw but i think another good addition for this post can be Omni the trial person that is trying to join RoH:hope in my opinion , i've heard him talked thru some conversations  and trying to help people out in game for wvw or pvp, soo that would be another great assistant, for both u and mearic

  7. I just saw that you actually added Siscia's quote, that is amazing lol

    1. Niffellhell


      It made me laugh so much...I just had to :D