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  1. guys can we run an different Ops if Sayuri is away?
  2. until

    i would like to come if possible
  3. until

    icould come too as an DPS but she has only 237 gear xD althought i have about 60 mil credits to buff her up to 240+ if needed
  4. hmm i am thinking making an healer any sugestions?:D
  5. until

    nice in storyline on my marauder i am at enter the iokath operation
  6. until

    this is the Iokath operation right?
  7. @Jinn Galia i could come as DPS Sawatar marauder 233 rating
  8. count me in:D
  9. until

    DPS Sawatar sith marauder:D . but i will need to check and see at what time its in my country so i can wake up:D
  10. until

    i am hoping by than to have 236+ rating but if not i am down as an reserve as range dps
  11. until

  12. until

    @Sayuri can you put me as an reserve ? Bounty Hunter lvl 70 and sadly i only have 231 rating xD as DPS
  13. hello in order to join the guild on the republic side what do i need to type?


    1. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      search for /who Remnants and whisper someone for an officer or assistant. Be sure to say what your forum name is.

    2. Sawatar


      allright did you manage to get an look at my welcome intruduction?:D

  14. until

    can i come?nvm i see you are 8 players can you please let me know how many hours there are until this event?