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  1. I’m currently on the leviathan server under Primal. If you are there and need any help or fast ques (healer) let me know myself and a few friends are on this server and would be happy to help out in anyway we can!
  2. Loving the expansion very much. The story has been amazing! Starting at 30 will be a lot of work and a lot of story to get through the rest of AAR, heavensward, and stormblood. The leveling isn’t necessarily the hard part. It’s more the time it will take to get through the main storyline quests which you have to do in order to move through each expansion. Alternatively you could level up and purchase a story completion for token for $25. Or if you wanted to get real crazy, it’s $25 for a level boost to 70 and then the $25 to get the story caught up to the beginning of shadowbringers. But as you mentioned cost in the OP that may not be your cup of tea.
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s 16mil accounts since the game launched. Not 16mil active accounts now. Still a great milestone for them!
  4. Hey guys I am posting this here as its loosely related in the form of communication and I didn't want to start a new topic. I noticed that a few (or bunch) people play on different servers and was wondering if there was any thought to creating a cross-world linkshell for all the RoH members?
  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. I can not actually disagree with you on all points. However I have to ask... Since Highmountain Tauren have moose antlers (and Moose are part of the Deer family) do you feel that Deer cows are better or Cow cows?
  7. I absolutely love the Gentleman Bastard series. I would have to say that it is probably my second favorite series after stormlight!
  8. Currently reading (sorry re-reading) the Harry Potter series just because its been a really long time... Also re-reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch which is book 1 of the Gentleman Bastard series. I was planning on starting the Stormlight Archive books again by Sanderson but since I found all your suggestions, I have so many more options!