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  1. Hi Koro, In ESO there are no actual spears, although some cosmetic-only motifs (especially staves) look like spears. Weapon choice somewhat dictates role; only tanks typically use shields. Any one-handed weapon in combination with a shield plays pretty much the same. Your options are: sword, dagger, axe, and mace. Hope that helps! Sorry, not sure why this post showed up in my feed!
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    Trial by Fire - Cloudrest (N)

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    Trial by Fire - Hel Ra Citadel

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    Trial by Fire III Sunspire

    Sunspire normal trial
  5. See:
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    Trial by Fire III

    Friday night trial!
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    Trial by Fire III

    Friday night trial! Look for the sign-up post under PvE events
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    Trial by Fire III

    Trial event for characters Level 50, Champion Point 160 or higher. Advance signup required in the Adventures in Tamriel forum: Cloudrest Normal Friday Night
  9. Has anyone read any LitRPG? I discovered this new genre recently. Wikipedia defines it as "a literary genre combining the conventions of RPGs with science-fiction and fantasy novels. Games or game-like challenges form an essential part of the story and visible RPG statistics (for example strength, intelligence, damage) are a significant part of the reading experience. This is in contrast to GameLit, which involves game-like worlds but does not typically provide visible statistics. At least some of the characters in a LitRPG novel may understand that they are playing a game or are in a game-like world: they are 'meta-aware'. " Examples: Awaken Online by Travis Bagwell; The Land: Founding by Aleron Kong If you have read any, what did you think? Have you found any authors you liked? The ones I've read are a bit like testosterone-laced candy.