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  1. OMG happy birthday!!! I miss seeing you around! 🎉

    1. Don't Touch

      Don't Touch

      Yes Hello this is Hat. I might be around again we'll see. Been mostly playing alot of Overwatch tbh.

  2. Hey @Don't Touch! Hope you are doing well and have a great birthday!  Miss seeing you in ESO

    1. Don't Touch

      Don't Touch

      Hey Yes I've been doing well. I would like to eventually return to ESO but dont have the money for the Subscription. I like eso but I just cant play it without the crafting bag :P

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great day 🎉

  4. @TunaDan yah shiny ditto does require a blood sacrifice Charmander and Dratini can be easily breed for.
  5. I'm a shiny Hunter so my team varies vastly. Depends on what I have the patience to hunt for. But that doesn't mean I don't try to make a team around the IVs I have been delt so all in all it's a mix bag of what shines I managed to obtain if anyone is looking for something in particular I'll gladly help out
  6. @Krafted @SilentTheGrayI was maybe thinking we should possibly start over and maybe do a new world with a dedicated server that way we can just share those files. Since we own the game we have access to the server tools via steam. I also imagine it doesn't use that many resources being that it's a command prompt. Maybe a little cpu intensive but other wise shouldn't be the most taxing thing out there.
  7. @SilentTheGray I imagine that there is a save file tied to the world maybe we can just share it with like Google drive or Dropbox or something.
  8. @SilentTheGray are you hosting another session this Friday.
  9. @Krafted I learned my character has the lowest starting stats buttttttt I get the most if I eat gears. until then I will continue to get struck by revive lightning, setting the game on fire and speeding across the map like a mad robot
  10. Happy Birthday dude :D ill get you a ziz cake 😛

  11. Happy Birthday! hope you have a good one!

  12. Haha. Love that forum name.

  13. Right now as you have said I should probably focus on losing some weight before I think about the muscle gain. I'm trying to find a workout routine that I can follow. But I don't know the machines or Muscle groups. My gym membership is through planet fitness and I already know about a lot of the traps that they have and actively know to avoid them (looking at you pizza day). So when I look up videos and stuff for work outs I have no idea if planet fitness has the machines in the videos. I also don't know muscle groups like at all and I find it very hard to learn as anatomy is definitely one of the things I find very difficult to learn. I learn things way better by doing it/seeing how it's done instead of reading about it. Also work out terminology is basically leaning a new language for me. One of the things I try to find Is like a Planet Fitness workout routine but Planet fitness is so hated that they are few and far between and when I do find one I can't follow or understand what they're talking about. I'd go to a different gym but I can't afford anywhere else. Like how can you beat a 20 dollar membership that lets you bring a friend for free and access to all the gyms that they have open. gyms around here cost anywhere from 50-70 a month. I would also like to say that I think I over exaggerated the leg wobble a little bit on accident. But it's definitely noticeable but not as extreme as I made it out to be. It's one of those things thats hard for me to explain but the stair thing holds true but again I don't think it's as extreme as I made it sound. It probably does have to deal with this extra weight I'm carrying around. But I would like to add that I've always had weak ankles. When I have a long day at work say 6-11 hours the first thing that starts to hurt is my ankles and eventually my whole leg. When I'm out hangout friends walking around with some friends the first thing that hurts is my ankles. I think a lot of the problems with the leg thing has to do with my ankles. I guess what I'm trying to say is that every time I try to actually look into getting into shape all the resources I find always seem to automatically assume you know a lot of the terminology and I end up giving up before I even start because I can't understand any of it. It's all just supper intimidating and I wanna do it but feel so out my league. And If you have like supper beginner guides like we're talking like r/explainitlikeim5 but obviously not that silly I would greatly appreciate it. Pork I've never been a fan of and I basically never eat Peanut Butter. I've never liked sour cream, but cheese....cheese is definitely something that I eat way to much of. I think right now I just need some help getting out of this mindset of It's impossible to understand this stuff.
  14. Around where I live it's like half rural half urban but no events of any kind including fitness. My BMI is currently classified as overweight. My main goal is to turn my fat into muscle. Currently the weakest part of my body is definitely my legs. My legs will shake alot when I squat or stand on my tip toes. I can go up stares just fine but going down my legs can sometimes get the wobbles. Right now I guess you could say that I just really wanna be become a fit person but I feel like the learning curve is massive. Especially since like alot of my friends don't want to work out because they're always exhausted from work. I can't really afford a personal trainer. My diet is just really bad mostly because I can't really cook for myself right now and giving myself food poisoning is a real fear I have. I'm just kinda on my own right now and I'm kinda scared to ask people in the gym for help. Also sorry for the wall of text I'm on mobile right now.

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