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  1. Don't Touch

    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    You have mail Tag list
  2. Don't Touch

    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    @Stargirl and @Goodsby will also be participating.
  3. Don't Touch

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    @Kyn I can host it tomorrow if we have enough Lvl 50 peeps, and then we can return to the normal schedule.
  4. Don't Touch

    Group/Guild Photo

    ill be at work :C
  5. Weekly Monthly We arn't even a division yet and we're on the front page of the Free company Leader Boards. Keep up the good work everyone.
  6. Don't Touch

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    I know this post is old and im tired from farming but we have broken the Internet
  7. Don't Touch

    [Unofficial] Maps, Maps, Maps!

    I'd go but I'll probably have to work
  8. Don't Touch

    aetherial wheel for fc actions

    @Droghan thank you for setting this up I will look more into it when I find the time
  9. Don't Touch

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    @Kyn I have been farming Garuda ex by myself the last couple of night to show people kind of an extra secret Poney called Nightmare. Nightmare is the rarest of the poney drops. It Is not a required poney for Kirin, but is defiantly one of the cooler ones. It can drop from Garuda, Titan, or Ifrit tho it is a pretty low drop chance. This will most likely be an event on its own. But another drop to look out for while we are doing the Ex nights.
  10. Don't Touch

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    @Kaneth that's good cause when I first joined @Kyn had to talk to me about finishing mine
  11. Don't Touch

    Reddit asks the real questions

    @JuliusI know I just keep getting Toto-Rak in my dailies I basically have an unlimited supply.
  12. Don't Touch

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Welcome @Kanethif you need an Fc invite please feel free to make a post here. If you are new to the game, or just scoping things out feel free to check out the welcome post and our general information posts below. I see that you are a Trial Member. Due to this being an interest group and not an official RoH division any in game activities for your objectives will not count. These should be completed in the game that you have applied for in Roh, but you are more than welcome to join us. Just make sure to complete those objectives.
  13. Don't Touch

    Reddit asks the real questions

    I mean toto-rok is a bad dungeon and all but you need the webs from it for crafting from like 20-30 for weaver. Tagging @SilentTheGraybecause he loves to craft and loves Toto-Rak
  14. Don't Touch

    Reddit asks the real questions

    @Goodsby I gotta agree with chap on this one.
  15. Don't Touch

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    @KynThe Pve department shall begin development at once.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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