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  1. psssttt... SSSSAAAAVVVVYYYY... throw me under the PVP tag too... if we ever find anyone else who wants to do pvp lol
  2. as if i wasnt already sold... cant wait to see where the story goes
  3. Goodsby

    Member Purging

    *Goodsby casts Purge* *Goodsby has standed in the AOE casting purge and died* Goodsby yells "RES PLEASE KTHNX!"
  4. Goodsby

    Workshop crafting

    I am the Crafter and the Omega. The beginning and the end.
  5. Hey guys - stumbled across this video series earlier, figured it could help spark ideas or help anyone whos playing on ps4 or using a steam controller/etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1XHYeI68_m1avceS-F37-A i'm gonna test this out with my steam controller eventually... because i wanna be lazy and lay back in my chair while playing ff14 every once and a while =D videos for the controller guides are near the bottom of the profile page, and this is not endorsing anyone in particular, just a helpful guide i saw and wanted to share with our FF14 comrades! and if you need help or anything with these, i'll be experimenting with them.. eventually to help give you a hand with it. Meow!
  6. Goodsby

    FC Leader Election Applications.

    is this including looking for dept heads/assistants or we doing a separate process for that. Overall I plan to support the growth of the players in our lovely FC through pve and pvp education, and i lead more through machiavellian principles... but a bit less vicious
  7. Figured this could be a fun topic of discussion, I'll start off with mine... Ragna Blade from The Slayers Next. I mean she calls the power of the freaking lord of nightmares, the most monsterish monster possible in the world, and uses that to destroy others! Lina can't even cast it properly without amplification spells to control it, and its a big blade of magic die anything in my path! Close second is from the same series - the Dragon Slave. Sure it's just an amplified fireball essentially... but its amplified to the point of absurdity.
  8. Goodsby

    FFXIV Community Meeting

    saavy said there'd be punch and pie if people attend.
  9. Goodsby

    FFXIV Community Meeting

    will there be punch and pie?
  10. Goodsby

    Feast S11 Mount

    as hilarious as that'd be, i think they enforce the "standard" party makeup for feast (1 tank 1 heal 2 dps). Might be able to cheese that with a red mage =D, or the red mage would get focused first. As i understand Feast battles is its about coordinating a good burst window with your team to power through. ex wait for the red mage to get to enough mana for a full combo, monk has GL3 going and the warrior/white mage do what they do to make things hurt, throw stones or whatever.
  11. Goodsby

    Feast S11 Mount

    why cry... lets make a team and pwn everything in there =D #redmagesareinvincible
  12. Okay.. .this type of reward makes me want to get in the Feast because riding a purple mutant motorcycle beast looks amusing.
  13. and why not this for Machinist... i'd play Machinist if i could summon a bloody Gundam =D
  14. Black Mage basically does this already in Fire 4... I keep repeating Dragon Slave to myself every time i cast it =D
  15. Lol can hear the cries in tank now... bard dont use lb3, it blinds me! =D

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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