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  1. Goodsby

    Naming Convention Help

    Julius megus? Julius magus? Brain needs more coffee and isn't thinking original now
  2. Goodsby

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Maybe ninja? Not sure how the mudra system works myself I'm thinking it sounds a little similar
  3. Goodsby


    LOL PWNT!!!!!
  4. Goodsby

    Da Goodsby!!!

  5. Goodsby

    Reddit asks the real questions

    well i mean you're not wrong, but i think is easier then Toto-Rak
  6. Goodsby


    i thought you'd stick with MCH as a deeps class. and i know, we cant all be Red Mage Master Race, or its close cousin, Summoner =D
  7. Goodsby

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    How about a night of... EXTREME TOTO-RAK!!! AND EXTREME SATASHA!!!! Love the idea and implementation of this, just played around with the mobile companion and you can schedule/reserve as whatever job you feel that night or just to kind of consolidate scheduling, though i do believe that the FC member must have the app downloaded to be invited through that
  8. Goodsby

    Looking for Some PvE Assistances!

    I could give a hand in this possibly, i'll talk with you guys later aboot it
  9. Goodsby

    Till Sea Swallows All Part 4

    will be interesting when paths cross again... i have a feeling my characters gonna get a slap lol, always in haste and never thinking through.. i should write a quick backdrop or something for Goodsby Saur....
  10. Goodsby

    Shadowbringers expansion!!!

    You beat my Dragoon Jump... I'll go Dark Knight to pwn you! I'm craving what this will bring to the storyline and character development, and i may level a dancer because seeing an Au'Ra Raen Dancing =D (please let that be a thing bc it'd be amusing)
  11. Goodsby

    Beginner RP


    Note to self - read xaela lore and figure out backstory
  12. Goodsby

    Steam VS NotSteam

    i bought through steam, i think the only real difference is steam acheesement points and stuff, i can double check when i get home. the only thing i know for sure is the pc versiona nd ps4 version are different

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