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  1. Marlboro would be okay, I agree with Vis though that we should perhaps look at any interest in this sooner rather then later to take advantage of the server split move time. I know i've been out of the game for a while with Borderlands Hype grasping me fully, but I do know i'll be back in shortly and with ShadowBringers. It would also depend on what everyones goals are in terms to end game, RP and etc. I dont believe theres been a clear discussion on that (i might be out of the loop admittingly) and that should impact a data center choice.
  2. I kinda tapered off it... and playing borderlands 2... again... with a different mechromancer build... Gaige
  3. max is 70, i've been leveling them all at the same pace so i have them all =D
  4. debating between storm and colossus... idk
  5. I just pulled the trigger on the buying of this i think my user name on origin is Goodsby23, wont be able to play tonight but i'll probs install
  6. crafting is its own game in this game lol! I'm so close to having all crafters to 50!
  7. yup, msq and daily leveling will get you way beyond op by the end of realm reborn. and dont let the journey of fate deter you after in the pre-heavensward content. HW is worth it =D
  8. Hey Marris! Mateus has this weird time frame where peeps can make a character. Best time is usually in the morning or crazy late at night. Give it a shot before 10 am tomorrow that usually works for people. And welcome to the club! If you have any questions let us know
  9. Oh yeah that's not much ground to make it at all. Plus makeover now that you know the character creation lol
  10. You can do a paid character transfer through mogstation which is usually fairly quick. what level have you gotten to so far, the cost from mogstation is about $25 USD as i remember/i'mtoolazytoswitchbrowsertabstolookrightnow =D
  11. We're currently based off Mateus. The biggest matter to being on the same server is FC invites, as they dont cross server currently. You can do cross world play, but we wouldnt be able to invite without being on Mateus.
  12. oh and i'll be home in an hour or so, whats your character name in game, one of us will throw you an invite to the Free Company! Yup I have eclipsed you. Stay in my shadow... little sun ps ya Tzu
  13. Hey Lars! Welcome to our club! A few pointers for starting the game, you can change your class at any time past level 10, and can have every class on one character! Classes that you level later get an experience bonus to help them level. Some points of the story ask you to complete a dungeon or trial, which people are usually up for helping with here. There's also a huge stretch of story where it feels like forever to go to the first expansion, but i think many can back me up on this and say the story is worth your attention. That being said, don't rush through the story! Enjoy it at your pace!
  14. i'll help ya out! can only follow and heal ya at first but we'll get ya in the loop if you desire!
  15. put an event on the calendar for Sundays, if times work for people let me know!

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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