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  1. Thank you! I suppose I will have to wait until next month. I'll be quiet behind by now.
  2. I didn't expect a Book Club in a guild page. Sweet. Please inform me how this is to work. I'm very interested in seeing what all y'all are reading!
  3. Hello Everybody! Excuse me while I noob my way through this whole process haha Very excited to start with this guild!

  4. Hey folks! New here, but if I'm not mistaken there is an Imperial faction for the SWTOR RoH guild? Any information for how I obtain membership for my Imperial characters?


    1. Merliah


      Hey @Cthulhujcw, I'm the Imperial officer for swtor. :) As you are a trial member now, you can get your characters invited to either side. Just do a search in the who list for vestige of despair! It will show you who is on and just whisper someone and you can get an invite. Remember that you can complete some of your trial stuff on Imperial side as well as Pub side!

    2. Cthulhujcw


      Thank you! I'll do that