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  1. I'm on it, just building up my naval cap and fleets...I overestimated the effect fighting a 3 front war would have on their fleet power. I figured they would have been so divided fighting everyone at once I could storm their capital and end them, but they kept back most of their fleet there.
  2. I was more referring to the genocide/turning you into a human battery, but I can't think of one good reason not to borgify every organic pop on my planets unless you mean to go psionic, 'borgs are just better in every way.
  3. The irony of that statement is an organic empire is just as able to do that to you as driven assimilators, determined exterminators or just a regular old machine intelligence. Are we now going to discuss banning materialists?
  4. Well there you have it, to everyone complaining about machine empires, they'll be nerfed into the ground. Can't play wide, sprawl will kill you, can't play tall, sprawl will kill you. No equivalent admin cap increasing jobs for machine empires means they have to be short and narrow, making them irrelevant, since even leaving systems unclaimed increases sprawl if you control all hyperlanes needed to access those systems. I hope this puts to rest the idea that we need to ban machine empires from future games.
  5. @Phoenix @KalianVan @Kriege7 Ran another pair of tests, granted it was just the last manual save of game 7 on single player so if it being a multiplayer game, not just save, makes a difference I have yet to see with my own eyes, but, moving one of my fleets from its border guard post to my home system showed 428 days with DS on and off, it arrived there on the same date both times and I ran a stopwatch for both runs, with DS being off taking 6 seconds less, though that could be due to other factors.
  6. A shame you didn't get to see my new superweapon....an even bigger shame that the FE's in the top right decided that waiting around for us to get too powerful was a bad idea. It does not bode well for someone embroiled in a 1v3 war to suddenly have FEs wanting you melted down to build new ships or to serve as expendable cannon fodder. What should've been a cakewalk for me suddenly turned into turtle time. 1v3 ballooning into 2v7 +1 AE beating up the AE that pressed me into service.
  7. @Kriege7 @Phoenix @KalianVan I did an experiment of my own using my human empire with the sol system as its home so the size would always be the same, using the science ship to move to the edge of the system, as even using the sol system the planets can be arranged differently each new game. With downscaled on and off, from separate starts, not a reload which doesn't seem to change the ships from what they were on the original save, it showed an estimated travel time of 55 days both times. If the sun in the sol system is always equidistant from the edges then the mod makes no difference and it's all an optical illusion of the ship getting there faster when the graphic is bigger. Sorry Phoenix.
  8. @KalianVan Oof! I'm so used to doing MP runs of Paradox games I just didn't think of that, assumed "Well one of us has all the DLC so that takes care of that"
  9. @KalianVan I do in fact have all of them. When I got it they'd put out their complete edition including all DLCs(I actually want to wait for this for 6 before getting into that) As for Civ picks....Rome/America
  10. @KalianVan Welp, I bit the bullet and now I have all the story DLCs(no plant people though) but that shouldn't be a problem for the current game. So for future games you should host the first game(since you have everything) and then it doesn't matter which species packs anyone has so long as they've got the story packs.
  11. @KalianVan I don't even know why anyone would want a conquest victory, it's civ, it's ridiculously time consuming and messy to win by conquest, especially in 5 and presumably 6. Even in 4 they would drag on forever.
  12. @Kriege7 Yeah they're nothing to worry about, after AI Vikkie asked to be a protectorate I sent a science boat up to check out the wormhole in her territory, going through it gave me contact with them. On another note...what DLC is attached to L-gates? Every time I did something to get the remaining 2 insights it never counted. Even after conquering AI Kal and taking his L-gates it didn't go up.
  13. Well I've got Civ 5 but not 6 and don't really want to get it, not now anyway. So I'm in if the game is 5.
  14. By looking at the contacts tab. The Ferengi hate me, their fellow federation members do not. I want to keep them visually separated.
  15. It must be terrible needing things like food and consumer goods. Join my machine empire as bio-batteries and be relieved of your burdensome consumer goods and food.

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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