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  1. @KalianVan @Phoenix @Kriege7 @Deluxe @DreamingofRoses @Matatomi I think we should go back to the game hosted by Kal being on Thursdays, I'm going to bite the bullet and pick up the DLCs I don't have and possibly host one on Saturday, or Phoenix can do that and save me some money. Then everyone has a day when a game is running that they can get in on, personally I would join both.
  2. That's a change to AI behavior, players can still build as many as they want.
  3. @KalianVan @Phoenix @DreamingofRoses @Kriege7 @Deluxe @Matatomi Well I would be fine with hosting a game on Thursday, but given that only Phoenix and I checked off yes on playing two days a week and he's not available for Thursday, it would be me and Dreaming only, that's more of a private game than community, so if anyone else thinks maybe they can actually do two days....or we get more of the 65 members of this interest group to actually play....it'll be rather quiet in that game.
  4. @KalianVan @DreamingofRoses @Phoenix @Deluxe @Kriege7 @Matatomi Maybe what we need are two separate games, one on Thursday for the people who can't make Saturday and a Saturday game, separated by naming the game saves 'Thursday game' or 'Saturday game'
  5. @KalianVan Yeah I got that, I said do one last Thursday and then start Saturdays, seeing as this game is already pretty much done. @DreamingofRoses Is there any time on Saturday you'd be able to make it every week?
  6. @KalianVan@Phoenix@DreamingofRoses@Kriege7@Deluxe My vote on that, one last Thursday and another round on Saturday too(one time only where 2 days in one week)assuming we don't finish in the next session. If not both, then it doesn't really matter to me. If we go on Thursday and finish, we could, possibly, start the 7th game Saturday.
  7. @KalianVan @Phoenix @Deluxe @Kriege7 @DreamingofRoses @Matatomi Well it looks like Saturday will be best for the new day, and maybe Sunday(if we swap RBGs to Thursday)to have it two days a week if possible?
  8. @KalianVan I can certainly make it, once you've seen a dozen fireworks displays you've seen them all, then holidays like this are just have some burgers and hot dogs and call it a day.
  9. @KalianVan A mod for your consideration: Ruler Agenda and Traits What it does is allow you to choose your ruler traits as well as your first governor's trait.
  10. Just wondering but are there any rules for official games like "Don't be a fanatic purifier"? Would make it awfully hard to not need to purge guildies when found. Unless of course we all go in as the same species, then we can purge to our hearts content.

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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