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  1. That is actually good to hear. One per account and one per FC, per server.
  2. I was hoping for some way to get a small plot or furniture (though I dont even have a house). A house would probably keep me subscribed a lot more, but with the way houses are sold now, I'm not even interested in trying to get my own. Unless housing has changed to "one per account and one per FC."
  3. I saw "housing bonus" and got my hopes up. My hopes have died.
  4. I am wondering if anyone would be up for trying out challenges for Sword and Shield when they come out. Examples would be "specializing" in one type of Pokémon (multi-types and pre-evolutions are ok), never using a Pokémon Center outside of forced uses or if a Pokémon feints it gets released. I have a buddy that did the first one I listed with another friend. They each would choose a type (that wasn't weak/strong to the other) and any Pokémon that had that type (or evolved into it), the chooser could use. In this instance, him and his friend would battle every once in a while.
  5. Credit This thread will be for news, events and free Pokémon for the games, with the sole exception of Pokémon Sword and Shield. S&S is being discussed in a separate thread and has a poll. I wont be able to keep up with all the latest by myself, so feel free to post any new things below and I will add it to this post! April 3rd 2019 Free Oranguru and Passimian, each with their Hidden Ability. Requires a subscription to the Pokémon Bank (5 USD per year) and a copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Moon. More on how to obtain these two Pokémon, here.
  6. As I come up with a TCG/Deck section of the pokemon Guides, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on making decks from scratch. I dont know if I'll ever get around to making one, so I might do that sometime, too.
  7. I think I will go ahead and make the name change. If anyone objects, I welcome all thoughts and comments!
  8. I was thinking back on the name I had chosen for the interest group and began thinking, "does the name represent the group focus?" I want to say it's a fan club, as theres more than just Pokemon Video Games. Before I go and just rename the group, I'd like some thoughts. Should the name of the group be more generalized so it can include more aspects of the Pokemon fandom? Examples: Pokemon Fan Club Pokemon Club Pokemon Fandom
  9. A while coming, but I finally took a look at showdown. I regret not looking at it sooner, like I said I would. (I know, I'm bad... <.<)
  10. Credit A Brief History: It all began the 27th of February in 1996 when Pokémon Red and Green released in Japan. The US, Europe and other countries would also experience the smash hit within the next few years with the additions of Pokémon Blue and Yellow. To say the franchise was a hit is quite a bit of an understatement. Millions around the world were captivated by the creatures they could catch, train and battle. With each new generation of games, there were more Pokémon to catch and train, more for the Masters-to-be to "catch 'em all." With each new pair of games, came a new region, sidequests, minigames and improvements. Did you know that the first Pokémon games (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow), there were no Dark, Steel or Fairy types? And Pokémon breeding wasn't introduced until generation 2? That's right, there was also a time when Pokémon Natures, Gender and Abilities didn't exist yet. But, from these humble beginnings, the Pokémon franchise grew from its original 151 Pokemon. And it grew. And it kept growing to todays 800+ Pokémon, with even more to arrive in the new Pokémon Sword and Shield games for the Switch in late 2019. Library of Informative Links: Playing the Core Video Games: As I may later improve this really basic guide, I would like to ask all trainers what they'd like to pass down to brand new trainers. What's the one or two pieces if wisdom you'd pass on to a new Trainer? If applicable, why? Reasons for editing thread: March 31: Put all the Video Game related stuff into one "Spoiler" tag March 24: Changed Title and added "Building a Team"
  11. I like how Sobble looks and am secretly hoping he turns into a cool looking dragonish looking guy. I'm a sucker for dragons. And cats. Maybe it'll turn into a blue tiger dragon! (hah! I wish!)
  12. Pokemon Showdown looks interesting. I'll have to look at it closer tomorrow.
  13. Welcome to the thread for everything we know about Pokémon Sword and Shield. As more information is revealed, this post will be updated to reflect the new info. Please feel free to correct or alert me to new info so I can update! Here is the official Pokémon website, including the official, teasing trailer. The new region: Galar The new region, Galar, will be featured in Sword and Shield. Galar is considered to be based of the island of Great Britain, featuring some geographical similarities to the real world country. With the Galar region, comes the return of gym leaders, new Pokémon and three more starter Pokémon. Grookey, the curios grass type monkey. Scorbunny, the energetic fire type bunny. Sobble, the shy water type lizard. Current release date is "late 2019." What does this mean? I would wager shortly after black Friday in November (third or fourth week in November).
  14. @Jaark, if you need one or two, I'm pretty sure I have an Eevee in my bank, and I would need to breed it (with my ditto), but I can at least get you set up with a couple. If you end up getting one by some other means sooner, I wont take offense.
  15. What? When are we doing this DnD thing?

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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