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  1. Who do I need to bug ingame for an invite? Character name(s)? Is RP somewhat lively?
  2. TunaDan

    Willbert Tiraland

    Sadly, I dont have an active sub with FFXIV, but I may be inclined to a forum RP.
  3. FFXIV still has my vote to become a division!
  4. TunaDan

    A found Farewell....

    Its time to go to Upper La Nocsea and have this done...
  5. TunaDan

    A found Farewell....

    @Stargirl, I'm not gone yet. I "may" go back to GW2. I "may" stick around FFXIV. I'm still new to RoH, so I'm just wanting to take a more cautious approach.
  6. TunaDan

    A found Farewell....

    I'm sorry to hear this, @Kyn. I may move back to Guild Wars 2 for a while, and if I'm demoted from Department Assistant to regular member, I will totally expect it while I decide where I want to go. I still have sub time so I will be around for a few more weeks.
  7. TunaDan

    Fate run to lvl!

    I hope Willbert's 40 warrior is high enough! And I wont be on until after 5pm, EST.
  8. TunaDan

    Crystal Data Center

    I you people, please dont throw rotten tomatoes at me, RhemaTom seemed to have a question... @RhemaTom, for some transfers from some overcrowded worlds to preferred worlds, it is free. If you like, here is a Link to Squeenix's page in regards to transfers. And some pretty nifty perks for making a new character. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/5e1a319accdb6ec98b54ef82e35d22338cf55ce7
  9. About when will it be a good idea to start making weekly and/or biweekly events? I figure maybe a FATE grind (or -something- to get us doing stuff together) would be nice, besides just the /fc call for random duties that I see. (I've been very bad about not really being on Teamspeak, so if other things have been discussed, please correct me.) I'm also willing to try my hand at RP story archs.
  10. TunaDan

    Crystal Data Center

    @Kyn, I do agree. I'm not sure how my intent came across in my previous post, but I do agree. I'm willing to move, I'm willing to stay, whichever the guild as a whole (or majority?) decides.
  11. TunaDan

    Crystal Data Center

    As I've read the posts here, if it means there will be opportunity to grow on a new server, and so long as current Hopians wont be hindered in joining us/making a new character, I'm down for moving to a preferred server. Although, the xp buff to 60 is quite enticing, that's probably in part to why I'm more willing to move. However, wherever RoH is going, I will follow. Or I will stay.
  12. TunaDan

    [Unofficial] Member of the Month

    @Aletreus, rules are for chumps. I kid, I kid! Everyone I've played with have been great. Though I have taken a liking to... (smack me with a rolled newspaper, I forget their forum name) Rebecca Ecca. A little lala healer for my tanking elf seems pretty cute.
  13. TunaDan

    [Unofficial] Member of the Month

    I nominate ALL of you! *simultaneously points a finger at everyone else*
  14. TunaDan

    Crystal Data Center

    I dont remember if I've seen it in this thread yet, but here are the things offered if you're making a new character vs transferring to a preferred server: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/5e1a319accdb6ec98b54ef82e35d22338cf55ce7 Sorry if I'm a little late in adding this! Hopefully it will maybe help the discussion.
  15. TunaDan

    Crystal Data Center

    If there is an XP buff to 60, I'm game for moving to a preferred. I'd love to get to 60 faster and slow down for Stormblood. Means we could spearhead a RP community and maybe help get it going for the server. Well, maybe I'm just being overly ambitious.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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