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    I'll heal
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    I can come if you still need someone to heal.
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    Any role
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    I can come if need be.
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    Tank or dps (heals if we need it)
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    I don't think I'll be able to make it this week. I've been pretty busy lately, but hopefully things will clear up soon.
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    I'll heal
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    Unfortunately, I won't be available next Tuesday evening. I was looking forward to beating the Ops Chief with you guys.
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    I can bring any role, but if someone who needs gear wants a spot, please let them have it.
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    I'll heal if there's still a spot open. I can also tank or dps if need be.
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    I'll heal
  12. I'd love the opportunity to heal if there's a slot open. My Commando and Sage are both well geared and ready to go (I've played my Operative a fair amount so I have a Scoundrel set I can use, but his left side gear is still 224 Ultimate Exarch stuff lol), so I can play whatever class the other healer isn't. I have tanked and dpsed in the past (mostly in SM and some VM), but I usually try to focus on being the best healer that I can be for Master Mode content.
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    I'll be available to heal. I suppose I could also do some lackluster dps if the need arises since this one's not too demanding.
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    I can heal on either my merc or sorc depending on whoever the other healer is. There were already 4 RSVPed, so I'm not 100% sure that both healer slots are full, but I can be online as a backup if that's the case.
  15. I recently joined the guild, and I am interested in progression raiding. I didn't see any openings on the teams, but I figured I'd just post this in case an opening pops up in the future. I'm a healer, and I've played (and mained at different times) all three healing classes though I mostly heal on my Commando and Sage these days. I also have a geared Merc and Sorc on Imp side. I've cleared all of the 1.0 and 2.0 ops and up to Revan and Master Blaster on the 3.0 ops in VM, and I've got some MM experience as well (specifically my old team was working through EC, DF and SnV) Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how these teams choose their rosters since I'm still new, so let me know if I need to post this somewhere else.