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  1. Was unexpectedly gone for a couple months. Hope to be able to participate more from here on out. Especially with school coming up in august, I'm gonna need ESO to destress from time to time.

    1. Telana


      No worries, @mdm157! Hope all is well with you. :) Looking forward to playing with ya again! 

  2. I've been enjoying some fishing along the coast near Alinor
  3. haha you've got me figured out. My first time playing i spent hours restarting to form ireland or beat the english as scotland.
  4. @KalianVan Awesome. It’s so hard to find people that play it. I like to play outside of the HRE but avoid the larger countries. I’m a bit of sucker for the underdog. I have finally caught up with DLC.
  5. This is probably useless, but anyone else a fanatic EU4 player.
  6. until

    Had an awesome time!