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  1. Thanks for this @RaVem! If this ever takes off, count me in. I will read online about support builds. I'm traveling now and in a different time zone, so it's hard for me to join people anyway, but I'll be home in a week or so.
  2. My main is a chronomancer (mesmer), but I'd actually enjoy improving my skills with a different class. I'd love to play a support/heals role for example, but I'm not sure where to begin (water ele, druid?). Anyway, I have 80 toons in every class, so I can play whatever the guild needs of me.
  3. Thanks for this discussion! I have nothing to add to the content here. But I am the type of guild member who has done the zerg thing to death and now faces a choice of either boredom (and quitting WvW) vs. improving myself (and continuing in WvW). In short, if an initiative like this is to be sustainable within the guild, I think it will need people like me as its "soldiers." I thought I'd share some constructive thoughts about that. I read this thread because I want something like this. But there are a couple of hurdles. One is that people like me will have to learn our roles and learn to execute--that can be difficult and can take time. The other is psychological: it is intimidating to learn something new and to have others depend on you, etc. Maybe it's easier, some will think, to work on an achievement, a legendary, whatever. I am sometimes guilty of this. But I want to relate a story. Back in Wrath of the Lich King, my WoW guild needed a healer and my main was a shammy. I was dealing below average DPS and not contributing much to our heroics, but we were a social guild so it was no problem. But I knew I wasn't contributing much and it wasn't a great feeling. A guild leader took me aside one evening in Dalaran and asked if I'd be willing to switch to heals. That night, he taught me how to be a Resto shammy. We then ran some 5-man instances until I got the hang of it. I did my part by reading online how to spec, rotations, boss mechanics--I never did any original theorycrafting, but I learned the job and over time adapted to metas and all that.. Over the next three years I gradually became the primary heals in our guild, and I had SO much fun. But I was never an elite player--I just learned my role and did it as best I could, gradually improving over time. It was fun for me and I also felt like I was contributing. If we could do something like that for WvW in RoH, I think you could lead many of us over the two hurdles I mentioned earlier.
  4. So one of the things that appealed to me about RoH was that it spans multiple games. Although I'm not active in it now, I used to play ESO and leveled a character into the 30s or so. I know that there's lots of RoH folks in ESO, so I thought maybe it's time to return. 


    A couple of days ago I decided to download the ESO client and logged in for the first time in a couple of years. Completely forgetting the UI, I promptly attacked a guard by accident and got arrested within seconds. I panic-logged and haven't been back. 


    All of this is to say, can I have a /givinte to ESO? (I will re-do the tutorial so I don't accidentally shoot any of you.)


    EDIT: My ESO username is Daphnis.

    EDIT: I copied and pasted this in the ESO forum, because I'm not sure if anyone sees public posts like this one. 

    1. Kamillus


      that was fun... the guard shooting part

  5. DaphnisElhalyn

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    I am an amateur photographer IRL and I also like to take photos in world. I hope you enjoy them!
  6. Your pictures are soooo good! :D Please teach me your ways....