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  1. So one of the things that appealed to me about RoH was that it spans multiple games. Although I'm not active in it now, I used to play ESO and leveled a character into the 30s or so. I know that there's lots of RoH folks in ESO, so I thought maybe it's time to return. 


    A couple of days ago I decided to download the ESO client and logged in for the first time in a couple of years. Completely forgetting the UI, I promptly attacked a guard by accident and got arrested within seconds. I panic-logged and haven't been back. 


    All of this is to say, can I have a /givinte to ESO? (I will re-do the tutorial so I don't accidentally shoot any of you.)


    EDIT: My ESO username is Daphnis.

    EDIT: I copied and pasted this in the ESO forum, because I'm not sure if anyone sees public posts like this one. 

    1. Kamillus


      that was fun... the guard shooting part