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  1. Sylphine

    Currently moving

    Good luck with the move!!
  2. Sylphine

    Crystal Data Center

    Being on a server with the Road to 60 buff was what helped me finally get an FFXIV character to end game. I'm a more casual player and spend less time gaming, and prior to starting Vallenia, I'd usually lose interest in characters once I hit the 40's. I do agree that having a healthy market board economy that comes with a mid to high population server makes the game much better. And if they're offering free transfers, that's definitely a great time to make a move!
  3. Sylphine


    I thought you'd appreciate better lighting on the new armor!
  4. Sylphine


    She seems less than thrilled at leveling Culinarian
  5. Sylphine

    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    Aww she looks and sounds super sweet
  6. Sylphine

    FFXIV Tag List

    PVE & Raiding!
  7. Sylphine


    Vallenia & Aletreus - we've got a real yin/yang vibe going on these days!
  8. Sylphine

    Naming Convention Help

    A lot of the Garlean characters have names ending in -us sounds - Nael Van Darnus, Regula Van Hydrus, Zenos Yae Galvus. http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Garlemald has some neat info on their naming styles!
  9. Sylphine

    Naming Convention Help

    I like the sounds of Julius Regalus, it reminds me of the Garlean naming conventions and you could play that into your characters backstory in a lot of neat ways!
  10. Sylphine


    If you take off that helmet every once and a while you get to see a whole range of expressions! Or at least you would if your character had eyebrows..
  11. Sylphine


    Vallenia's WHM glamour - so in love with the butterflies
  12. Sylphine

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Be prepared to eat much dirt until I remember how to play white mage again!
  13. Sylphine

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Thank you @Kyn!! See everyone in game soon!

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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