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  1. I would love to step up and help out but, like you, I don't think I would actually be able to do much due to my schedule and such! I get the struggle, though!
  2. Might be necro'ing this thread a little bit, but another online alternative is I've used it a little bit for exclusively online play, and also for an in-person group that uses it for battle maps and such. It's pretty robust.
  3. I might be interested in joining if something starts sometime in the future!
  4. Sayr#11223 Overwatch, HotS, SC2 (mostly co-op) My availability is kinda all over the place these days. I'm on EST, though. I'm a bloody casual with the worst of them. Also, #NoAimNoBrainSymmetraMain fo' life. (I pretty much will fill anything, relatively decently, though I'm basically gold/silver ranked. That being said, I haven't really done much in Comp for like 3-4 seasons...)