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  1. I think you really need to explain what you mean by his phrase exactly. This is extremely aggressive phrasing, when there is clearly no need for that, at all. I think you should also step back and take a look at the entire conversation as a whole again. I would wager that there are some people who may feel like they are being "held hostage" by your insistence that we reach some type of a quick decision. That may not be your intent, but that is most certainly the perception that I am getting from many of your posts in this thread.
  2. This just isn't applicable to this situation. Content is hardly ever done solo in Final Fantasy -- we either do things through Duty Finder or Party Finder, all of which is cross-server. I agree that we should stay away from a low population server, we should look into a medium population server. I fail to see how this is applicable, considering I have a history of witnessing this very thing first hand. It frankly doesn't matter that the party-finder tools are cross-server, because that same thing existed in WoW. However, considering things like overall economy, health of the auction house, ability to recruit on the new server, those are all of the things that need to be fully considered. I can tell you that lower pop realms across the board are going to hinder opportunities for growth. All of these can easily be done on any server on Aether, which is what I'm arguing. Raiding, however, is going to be a lot harder for some of us on Crystal. You act as if getting a 24-man raid is something we can do easily -- it isn't. Also, raid content is 8-man, not 24-man. And, even finding an 8-man group that you have synergy with is a challenge -- an even bigger challenge on Crystal. Again, check out Eureka, check out Discord, check out the many sources I showed and you'll see one prevailing theme: Crystal just won't cut it and people are jumping ship. My question is, why does it necessarily matter if "people are jumping ship". We have a large number of total players within the FC for RoH currently. Being able to get a core of 8-10 people interested in a progression raiding should be our primary focus, no? Synergy among a raiding group can be fostered throughout the process of building the raiding community. I did this extensively in WoW for nearly a full decade. We took people who were flat out awful at raiding initially and helped them become excellent raiders. Shouldn't we be more focused within the ranks of our own membership vs. a larger raiding community as a whole? Again, you're jumping the gun here. The discussion is about the possibility of moving the FC to a new server. There has been no definitive decision made.
  3. So a few thoughts on this. Mostly thinking back to my time in WoW. Being on a populated server is far better than being on an underpopulated server. My Horde server went from being mid-tier population to completely low pop over the course of an expansion. We weren't able to recruit new members to keep our raiding community going, and with raiding dying we needed to make a decision to either move the guild to a higher pop or stay. After much discussion, we decided to stay and I got to watch my guild die a slow death. Low pop means that the auction house is dead, raiding communities are dead, overworld pve dwindles, and it becomes much harder to recruit. Low pop realms are a typically unhealthy situation for all players involved, outside of those who strictly play solo. Considering the amount of grouping that is required across even the story missions in FFXIV, going to a low pop realm, I feel, would make things far worse. There is some talk of attempting to be forerunners to help build communities within the server, but that really only works if there are players to participate. Can't really build from a non-existent user base. Another thing to think about is that moving the FC means you are potentially splitting membership in the FC. Those who may be not super actively playing currently, might miss out on the transfer period. Then they may not want to start over or pay for the transfer. I would be more in favor of attempting to keep everyone together, than to potentially split and then hope to replenish from a potentially non-existent playerbase on a low pop realm. Personally, I would rather stay and see what the true effects of these data center changes. It'll be good to have a go-to plan in the event it looks like we're being completely overrun and no one will be able to make new characters or move to our server. The go-to plan, imo, should not be a low pop server, but rather a mid-tier, if we have any way to gauge that. For what it's worth. I wouldn't start over on a new server, and I would be dubious about transferring to a new server that is considered low population. The good new is, we have about three months to figure this out.
  4. Thus is the circle of life in theme park mmorpgs. Gotta keep ya going with the perpetual carrot on a stick.
  5. I re-started a little over a week ago now, and I'm pushing 50 on my Dragoon. Currently 47. Here's my advice. Ignore all side quests, with the exception of the ones that are colored blue. The blue side quests unlock various things in game, like the ability to dye your gear, certain dungeons, palace of the dead, etc. Keep on your Main Story Quest and Class Quests (class quests are every 5 levels). Keep up with your class hunting log and do Fates that are on the way when you are going about the MSQ. I went from 1-35ish just on MSQ and few fates, class quests and the lancer hunting log. Also, do your daily roulette (aka dungeon) for the bonus xp. I also pop a food buff for the extra XP. Post 35, I had to supplement Palace of the Dead with MSQ and Class Quests.
  6. I just want to thank everyone in the FC for being so friendly and helpful. I've had a number of folks drop what they are doing to help me get through dungeons and msq trials. It's made my experience so much more enjoyable than the last time I played FFXIV.
  7. I just logged in if someone can give me an invite, Kaneth T'ior. Posted this in the wrong thread originally lol.
  8. Thanks a lot! I'll let ya know when I'll need that invite, and don't your worry about those objectives. I already have my eye on my GW2 events