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  1. I re-started a little over a week ago now, and I'm pushing 50 on my Dragoon. Currently 47. Here's my advice. Ignore all side quests, with the exception of the ones that are colored blue. The blue side quests unlock various things in game, like the ability to dye your gear, certain dungeons, palace of the dead, etc. Keep on your Main Story Quest and Class Quests (class quests are every 5 levels). Keep up with your class hunting log and do Fates that are on the way when you are going about the MSQ. I went from 1-35ish just on MSQ and few fates, class quests and the lancer hunting log. Also, do your daily roulette (aka dungeon) for the bonus xp. I also pop a food buff for the extra XP. Post 35, I had to supplement Palace of the Dead with MSQ and Class Quests.
  2. Stormblood is currently 50% for PC. Sale ends tonight at 11:59PM (PDT). Good time to buy if you haven't.
  3. I just want to thank everyone in the FC for being so friendly and helpful. I've had a number of folks drop what they are doing to help me get through dungeons and msq trials. It's made my experience so much more enjoyable than the last time I played FFXIV.
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    Nothing yet. I'm in!
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    Welcome Wagon Post!

    I just logged in if someone can give me an invite, Kaneth T'ior. Posted this in the wrong thread originally lol.
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    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Thanks a lot! I'll let ya know when I'll need that invite, and don't your worry about those objectives. I already have my eye on my GW2 events

Congratulations to Marjevante, Icarus & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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