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  1. brnji

    VMOPS FUN Progression


    Could ya take me off the tag list? Thank you
  2. brnji

    DreadFortress VMOPS

    I can fill
  3. until

    Could ya drop me of this tag list too? Thank you
  4. brnji

    VMOPS Dreadfortress


    Sorry to hear that Vorn. I can tank if needed I have the lblo on impside.
  5. brnji

    VMOPs, Dxun SM Double Tap


    Tank :d
  6. brnji

    Dread Fortress 7-9pm VM PROG

    Should be around to tank this week. Sorry something had come up.
  7. until

    M dps
  8. until

    m dps going to bring my pt
  9. until

    r dps (if I can get my parse up) M dps if neo cant go XD
  10. until

  11. until

    I can fill if needed
  12. until

    I can fill if needed