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  1. Skysta

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    No worries, DPS is fine!
  2. Skysta

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    DPS or Heals?
  3. Skysta

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Please remember to RSVP as well if you want to go!
  4. Skysta

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault

    PVE Operation Event: Eternity Vault This is a great operation to start with if you have never run an operation before! All experience levels are welcome. Event Date/Time: January 22nd, 2021, at 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST First pull will start at 8:00, please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Requirements: - Level 70 Character on Republic side - Discord, we'll be in our own operation channel Starparse is not required but recommended for anyone interested in tracking their numbers. If we get enough people, we can run a 16man version, so don't be afraid to sign up even if all 8 spots are filled! Raid Lead: Skysta Tank: @Yiss Off Tank/DwT*: Healer: @Skysta Healer: @Vandeven Healer: Healer: rDPS: @NorthHorizon rDPS: @Roedynn rDPS: @Kitt rDPS: @Dch765 rDPS: @Elisel mDPS: @Dexstar mDPS: @Walex DPS: DPS: DPS: Back-ups: *DPS with Taunt
  5. until

    I can bring heals of course!
  6. until

    You can put me as a backup for heals if you like
  7. until

  8. until

    I can heal!
  9. Skysta

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I can be a backup for heals in case you need it
  10. Skysta

    World Bosses


    I can bring some heals
  11. until

  12. until

    I can be a backup or bring a healer for 16man if that happens
  13. Skysta

    SM Temple of Sacifice

    Thanks you all!
  14. Skysta

    SM Temple of Sacifice

    A chill run of Story Mode Temple of Sacrifice open to beginners, led by @Skysta. Requirements: Level 70+, Pub Side, Discord (We'll be using a private call). Current Roster: Tank: @EvelinaSpero Off Tank/DPS: @DrDudis DPS: @Frarry DPS: @Jae Onasi DPS: @Ren'ato DPS: Non-guild friend DPS or Heal: @Gagi (may need back up) Heal: @Skysta Back Up: @RaVem Perfect time to progress your Shadow of Revan story if needed. Comment below if you can come or if I have you signed up and you can't anymore? Any roles we don't get we'll be looking for random players to fill.
  15. Skysta



    I'd like a heal spot but can also off tank if needed!