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  1. Was wondering if everything is ok? No one showed up for RP Wednesday night and again tonight. I know I missed some drama in the expulsion of a member, thankfully. How are things going otherwise? I couldn't attend the meeting today as I had previous arrangements from before I even applied to RoH. FYI some people know my health isn't good. What no one in the guild knows is my son is in prison and we are arranging an appeal with a lawyer that might actually present the evidence.

    On a positive note my new headset came in and worked over 16 hours straight one day already; and they didn't need charging even then.

    1. Vorn
    2. Madhatter5510


      Thanks @Vorn. @Mich1969 as shown above the RP schedule has changed due to some RL scheduling issues. I will add you to the RP taglist and I apologize for the confusion and hope to see you tonight.

    3. Mich1969


      Thank you. I was looking at the calendar for the guild. May want to update it too.

  2. until

    Stay safe
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    so am i back up?
  4. until

    Have fun and stay safe
  5. As I enjoyed my first real RP even. I was looking at the Character Sheet. I am making a "Data Base" style document with a free office program so making Characters will be much easier in the future if anyone wants to use it. Once I have the file complete I'll pass it on to you (or whomever is the SWTOR RP officer at the time.

  6. I can heal but have to leave at 9:20
  7. What time nvrmnd lmao
  8. until

  9. Happy Birthday Proto 

    big hero 6 hug GIF by Cheezburger

  10. big hero 6 hug GIF by Cheezburger



  11. until

    Unfortunatly something came up and I will not be able to attend tomorrow I am so sorry @Katalaw

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