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  1. Gnome mage ftw  :)

    Great to hear from you!  I’ve not yet dabbled in classic, some day ... maybe. Doesn’t seem to be any one RoH primary server. So no idea where to end up. 


    Hope you keep having fun with it. I was a fire mage for all of classic. Take good care. 


  2. So I picked up on WoW Classic and have very much enjoyed going back in time to a place I thought I'd never see again. The nostalgia is stunning and the grind is EPIC! I've made an Undead Warlock and a Gnome Mage because my first ever WoW character was a Warlock (he was Human in the beginning, but arose Undead) and I've never had a Mage before so I thought I'd try that out.


    Anyways, I'm on the Windseeker server and my battle tag is Gurnathron#1623. If you're not down with that, you can reach me on Discord at Gurnathron#7104. I'm also on PSN as Gurnathron and I think I'm on Steam as well but I'm hardly ever there TBH.


    So why do I keep coming back to update everyone on what I'm doing? Because I'd love to stay in touch! Just because I'm not a member of this guild doesn't mean that I don't miss you all. I just had a lot of things going on (still do, but doing better) and felt it better for me to not impose on everyone. I'm still around and would love to chat!


    Take care and have fun!


    1. Azilori (he/him)

      Azilori (he/him)

      Lovely to hear from you @glawarhal!!! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your time in WOW classic - if I had more time, I would definitely hop into the game :D I added you as a friend on discord! 
      May the force be with you, 


      ~ Azi

    2. witchbolts


      Hi @glawarhal ! It's really nice to hear from you and I'm glad you're enjoying WoW Classic! I hope you're doing well! ❤️ 

    3. Elisel


      Glad to hear from you!!

  3. Well folks I've nuked all of my characters on GW2, ESO, and WoW so that means that I'm pretty much done with MMOs for like the rest of my life. I wanted to ensure that I had zero temptation to get back into those games and so I took some drastic steps.


    I ended up purchasing a Playstation 4 console about a month ago (only like 6 years after it came out LOL) and have been enjoying the hell out of games like Witcher 3 and Horizon: Zero Dawn to name a few. It's quite an adjustment going from mouse and keyboard to a gamepad, but I'm getting used to it slowly but surely.


    If you want to add me as a friend on PSN, my id is gurnathron. It's Sindarin for heart weaver 💙


    All the best!




    Oh and thanks to @Azilori and @Elisel for the belated birthday wishes! Turning 50 was a whole different experience LOL

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    2. DreamingofRoses


      Horizon: Zero Dawn is AMAZING.  I hope you have a lot of fun with it and the PS4 in general. 

    3. glawarhal


      One of the things that bothers me a bit about Witcher 3 (and I had a similar beef with FFXIV too) is that I have no idea where to go in order to level up so I can keep upgrading my skills. There's no particular zones for a particular level and I'm gotten my butt handed to me numerous times because I end up fighting something many levels above me. I guess I'll have to break down and look at a wiki or something.


      Oh and if you've tried to add me on PSN I made it so people can actually find me and add me now LOL. OOPSIES! Not sure how my settings got so restrictive but I'm out in the open now so feel free to add me to your friends list.



    4. witchbolts


      The trick I found for leveling in Witcher 3 is looking at the numbers on quests. Quest numbers higher than Geralt's level are going to be difficult, and red numbers are nearly impossible. I would spend as much time as possible in the starting area to explore, kill low level monsters, and do all the side quests! After that, you should be a high enough level to tackle the next zone where the main story takes you!

  4. I'm so addicted to Destiny 2 now. It's such a great game and I love how it marries some great action set pieces with a great storyline. All those years of playing Quake and Unreal Tournament finally paid off 😆

  5. I'd been hearing a lot of good things about Warframe lately and decided to give it a whirl. Definitely a good game from what I have seen so far, which really isn't much. Never played it before but the graphics are really nice and the story seems okay. Hopefully, it will get better as it goes along. It reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament, but that's probably because Digital Extremes made both games. I can see why UT4 isn't leaving alpha anytime soon.


    Also, I finally decided to whip out my copy of Destiny 2 and play that for the first time ever. Yup, you read right. Never. Played. Before. Go ahead, read it again. The opening sequence is really epic and I enjoyed a lot of the skirmishes. The story appears to be a lot better than Warframe at first glance, but we'll see if that lasts. 


    I really don't have any idea how long I'll be playing these games. It could be a short-time distraction or it could turn into a dangerous obsession. Maybe I just got really tired of the whole fantasy sword and sorcery stuff. Heck, I started playing D&D when I was 8 and I read every fantasy novel I could get my hands on when I was a kid. I haven't dabbled in sci-fi much because there isn't a whole lot out there as far as games go. I did the EVE Online thing years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit. Went back recently to see how things have changed and I gotta say there's a lot of great improvements that have been made over the last several years. It should be good to see where they go from there.

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    2. glawarhal


      I enjoyed Destiny so much I didn't go to sleep until 3AM 🤣


      I also went and purchased the whole Complete Collection, which is (thankfully) on sale for $40 from Blizzard. 


      I'm also getting ready to join a clan soon so I can have other people to play with.


      Let me know if you pick it up, I'll get you into the clan.


      Jury is still out on Warframe. I like the setting but switching weapons is taking some getting used to. Hopefully gets easier the more I play it. But I may just drop it and focus on Destiny 2. 


    3. witchbolts


      My backlog of games is so long that it might take me a while to get around to it, but I would be happy to play with you! There might also be some RoH peeps that play Destiny too! 

    4. glawarhal


      I feel your pain, my friend. I've got so many games from so many places and I'm pretty sure that most of them are going to sue me for neglect 😂


      I guess I just got to the point where I was tired of all the games I had and needed something new. While Destiny 2 is not exactly "new," it's something fresh and different and exciting. 


      There is a Destiny 2 interest group here but it's apparently closed 😭

  6. So I just want to make sure that everyone understands that me quitting gaming has nothing to do with anything anyone said or did. I don't hate anyone here and I don't think anyone is trying to ignore.


    I'll let you in on a little secret: my brain loves to lie to me. Constantly. Not only do I have ADD, but I'm also a highly-sensitive introvert with borderline personality disorder. YAH BABY! I'm just loving life with this stuff because I'm basically on a roller coaster of emotions. 


    I love people one day and I hate them the next day. It could be anyone and they don't even have to do anything. I'll be high on life and then want to avoid everyone as much as I can. It sucks. I can't have normal, healthy relationships with people.


    Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you all to understand what it's like to be in my brain so you know where I'm coming from.

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    2. Elisel


      What @Ezoura said.  All the best @glawarhal

    3. witchbolts


      SAME! You are a Grade A human! 10 out of 10! Would 100% recommend being friends with! ❤️


      On a slightly more serious note, I totally get where you are coming from and it really sucks when your brain lies to you like that. My own depression and anxiety sometimes get the better of me, too, but the first step in kicking those emotions in the metaphorical booty and putting them in their place is acknowledging that those negative thoughts and feelings are, in their most extreme forms, lies. Best of luck on your mental health journey, my friend, and I'm always here if you ever need anything!

    4. Azilori (he/him)

      Azilori (he/him)

      I'm here if you ever need a chat buddy! Perhaps next time we chat it won't be an interview :D 


      You are a great person and an important part of RoH ❤️

  7. FYI I'm done with gaming folks

    Not just the games that RoH is involved in

    All games in general

    I'm just not interested anymore

    If I'm going to spend $15 a month on something entertaining

    I can always spend it on Crunchyroll and Funimation

    I'm not leaving RoH

    I'm not going on LoA

    I'm still going to be here

    I'm just taking on more of a backstage role

    Feel free to reach out if you want to say hi

    I'll still be around


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    2. Aravail


      Take care Glawarhal!  Sorry I never got the chance to play with you, but I'm glad you'll still be sticking around in the community.

    3. glawarhal


      It's all good, I had a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of great people in DC. I'm just done trying to get anywhere in ESO or GW2. I thought about going to WoW or SWTOR but honestly I just need to stop gaming and do something that's going to provide me with more entertainment than frustration.


      Like I said, I'll still be around. I may even pop into Discord from time to time.

    4. witchbolts


      Really sad to hear you won't be gaming with us @glawarhal, but I am glad that you're not leaving us! You are a welcomed and treasured part of this community! Things got really busy for me the last couple weeks, but I really did appreciate your message to me in the thread for ESO! (I actually got a little teary eyed lol)


      I hope you had a good 4th of July and that you're doing well!


      Also, if you ever return to games or ESO, I would be happy to play through content with you! ❤️ 

  8. 🧘‍♂️


    1. witchbolts


      I don't know who is ignoring you, but I'm always here if you ever need to talk! ❤️ 

  9. Movie night!


    Tonight's movie:




    1. Felipe


      Wooooo!!! I still need to watch all those movies! (John wick's!) 

      Have a nice session! :D 

  10. I know I haven't been gaming too much recently but it's because I've been watching quite a few movies over the last few days. I find that they're a perfect fit for my ADD because they have a definite beginning and end. I love stories, and I love watching how great movies put so many different things together to make it feel like you're part of it. 

    1. witchbolts


      Ooh! What movies have you been watching? 😄

    2. glawarhal


      Well I started with The Matrix, then moved on to Pan's Labyrinth, and then ended up with Shaun of the Dead. Still looking for other movies to watch so if you have any suggestions I'm all ears 😛


  11. I hate having ADD. I'm just so inconsistent and it's driving me crazy. One minute I'm all like GO GO GO and the next I'm like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I get bored super duper easy. I have lots of different interests but very little time to pursue them. I change things up at the drop of a hat.

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    2. Ezoura


      My general doctor prescribed the meds. Generic of Adderall. 

    3. BobNapalm


      Having ADD is hard man. And it's a struggle that people without it just dont understand (plus it's not like we can find the right words to explain it!).  I don't know where you are at with this aspect of your life but one of the biggest things for me was reading about other people who have it and realizing how many aspects of my life are affected by it.

    4. glawarhal


      @Ezoura I've looked into Adderall before and my opinion of it hasn't changed: I'd rather not get addicted to a controlled substance. I know for a fact that I have an addictive personality and it's so easy for me to get hooked on something. Went through kidney stone surgery 3 years ago and refused to take the Vicodin they were giving me. I'm definitely looking at other options and I hope that I'll be able to get started with something soon.


      @BobNapalm It's something that I have been looking into ever since last year when my doctor diagnosed me and it's been pretty eye-opening. It's great to know that I have it because I was always wondering what it was that made me so inattentive and be like a space cadet. I'm part of the ADHD subreddit and that gives me a really good perspective on how other people are dealing with the same issues.

  12. Yeah I was definitely looking for something more active, so in the meantime I've signed up with another guild for PoE. There's about 200+ members and they have a Discord presence, so I'm just going to hang out there. Let me know if you or anyone else wants to get in!
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