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  1. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    cool it sounded like a fun class so i went with it
  2. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    i meant in TS3
  3. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    is there any special or spot you peepz hang out at??
  4. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    when does the crew normally get on, so i can get questions answered by voice you know and this linkshell thing?? and i picked the Arcanist i think is that a good one. i already made a toon have not killed anything yet just played a little.
  5. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    ok cool thanks. so far its interesting at the start, if you are on linkshell a bro
  6. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    cool stuff i got the game downloaded and toon on the server Vulboom Viv is his name. i wanted to know about crafting is it worth it?? i have played other games most so it is not unless you are doing for lols or transmog
  7. loki

    PLaying FFXIV

    ok cool, i guess i will have to try it then, do you have a guild and such??
  8. i am a new member and i thought i try this game but still not sure is there anyone that would say yes or no, and why?? i was wanting to find out what kind of game it is, watching video on YouTube is one thing talking to peepz that play the game is another thing totally different. plz let me know Thanks -Loki

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