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  1. Character Name: Lydia Tamarilyn
    Race: Breton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Birth Sign: 
    Occupation: (Former) Witch, of the Tamarilyn Coven of Witches

    Home Region/Town: Menevia & Wayrest, Stormhaven, High Rock (in 3E High Rock, the Tamarilyn Coven resides in the province of Menevia.  the province lies on the Illiac Bay, just west of the province of Wayrest. The only clue to Menevia's existence in ESO (2E High Rock) is a dolmen sitting on top of where it might be, bearing the name "Menevia dolmen.")

    A mish-mash of low-class Breton street wear, and primal/handmade accouterments having various ritualistic purposes. Often dressed immodestly. Travels with some old chainmail on hand, in case of danger.
    Commonly carried items:
    Small bones, ritualistic totems, alchemical ingredients of various unsavory sorts. A small ritual dagger. An oak staff.


    Alteration | Master (+6) | 2 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Conjuration | Adept (+4) | 1 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Mysticism | Adept (+4) | 1 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Restoration | Novice (+2) | 0 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Destruction | Novice (+2) | 1
    Illusion | Novice (+2) | 1
    Thaumaturgy | Adept (+4) | 2

    Alchemy | Master (+6) | 2 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Diplomacy/Persuasion | Novice (+2) | 0 (+1 Racial Bonus)
    Medical Knowledge | Adept (+4) | 2
    Stealth | Novice (+2) | 1
    Streetwise | Novice (+2) | 1
    Nature Survival | Novice (+2) | 1

    Points Used: 15
    Points Available:  15

    1. Pacifist / She generally shuns direct confrontation, and has no clue how to fight.  She is more indirect (curses, poisons, for example)
    2. Poor / Lydia was separated from her coven at a young age, and spent the remainder of her youth on the mean streets of Wayrest just scraping by.
    Number of Flaws: 2

    Skills/Profession Overview:
         Witches typically posess no formal education in the traditional schools of magic.  Rather, their magic comes from rituals, and harnessing the forces of the natural world.  An individual witch usually has little power on her own.  However, an entire coven pooling its magic can acheive powerful effects.  Covens are known for such feats as placing lasting curses on entire towns, summoning daedric princes, and even curing diseases such as lycanthropy and vampirism.

    Additional information:
         The Tamarilyn coven resided in an area of dense pine forests. The periodic forest fires in the region play an intrinsic role in the lifecycle of the forest. Therefore her magical abilities are particularly attuned to fire, and her rituals and body markings reflect this affinity.