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  1. Bonan

    Origin Names

    I wanted to add the Origin names of my old friends from way back in the day. Good fellas, one and all. They've been playing a bunch right now, but I can't join them until hopefully this coming weekend. Friend them up if you want more fun freelancers to play with! JackdawJordan popcornugget Arryynn
  2. Bonan

    Guild Name

    Sure, just a button click. I've never sure if I should be doing more for you guys and gals in the group. My plate's been rather full lately, and I can't wait to start flying in Anthem. But alas. Soon (tm).
  3. Bonan

    Guild Name

    Works for me. Do you want control of the interest group, @Michael Ex?
  4. Still working on home renovations and to set up my desktop PC, but otherwise that'd be sweet.
  5. Good question. I also like Ranger for that pure Iron Man feel, but I think I'm leaning towards the Colossus. Haven't played them all yet. I'm looking forward to trying out everything. You know, it might depends on the components and stuff that drop as well. Maybe I'm feeling "eh" about Interceptor, but this banging Interceptor component drops, and suddenly it's amazeballs.
  6. Bonan

    Guild Name

    Devs have stated that there will be a guild system eventually, but not at launch. Just the Alliance, passive shared xp coin loot system thing, will be at launch.
  7. Bonan

    Guild Name

    Wondering if any Iron Man guild names would be appropriate. "Iron People" "Avengers"
  8. Bonan

    Origin Names

    Anyone playing the Open Demo this weekend?
  9. Bonan

    Anthem Open Demo

    Free to play for three days only! Available on PC, PS4, and Xbox.
  10. Bonan

    Guild Name

    For those who want to join in the Anthem adventure, what should the guild name be? Shall we stick with the Remnants of Hope? Something else?
  11. Super thread for everybody to share their usernames on EA Origin so we can make friends and go on adventures together! To start off, my Origin username is: BonanDiddles Send me a friend request. I will (hopefully) be playing Anthem on the Feb 22nd launch, depending on if my house renovations are done by that time and I can rebuild my computer setup, etc.