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  1. Hey, guys, I'm not sure where to post this, so hopefully this is an ok place.  I'm having some issues with the gem store.  Specifically, buying gems themselves.  I just finished HoT and need to purchase more gems in order to buy Season 3, but every time i try to make the purchace, I get this super vague error message (something along the lines of, "we've encountered and error.  please try again) that flashes SUPER quickly, and just sends me back to the window where I select how many gems I want.  I've tried paying with a CC, debit card, and paypal.  Everything gives me the same error message.   It's not my bank causing the issue, I've checked.   Its a bummer because I feel stuck now.  I want to play this character's story in order, and before I go on to PoF to get my mount, I was really hoping to complete season 3.  Does anyone know anything about this bug?  Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?  and if so, has anyone had any luck correcting it?  Any advice would be appreciated.  :)  thx

  2. Hello, again, everyone!   Just checking in (trying to remember to get on the forums more often!)  I've had a great first leg of my trial run, and I just wanted to thank everyone for being so warm and welcoming!  I've done a few cool events with guildmates so far, that I wanted to send a special shoutout and thanks for including me. 


    I got invited to my first WvW event, and tagged along with (please forgive me, if i get some of these wrong, as I am still learning names) Alran Quickshot, Savvy, Grey, and Raven.  We got to dress up in Golem suits and kill stuff.  I died almost immediately, but everyone else did great and it was super fun, regardless.  Everyone was very patient with me when i impulsively hit all the emergency switches, not knowing what would happen.  lol 


    I also did a few Meta events in Auric Basin with some guild mates, the first of which, I was invited by Qwste and Alran Quickshot, (and I got the awesome tour of the area where you pick up grand chests and get amazing loot)  and the second event, I was joined by Maeric and Juniper. 


    I realize, that I probably should have taken screenshots of all this stuff, but at the time, I wasn't sure how to.  (I'll try to be better about that)  Other new guild experiences have been really neat as well, like traveling to the guild hall for the first time..  Man that place is awesome!  And I'm slowly becoming more comfortable with teamspeak.  lol 


    Oh, and one last thing.  I know I still need to create an avatar for my profile.  I might need some help with that.  My technological incompetence even amazes me sometimes, haha.  


    Well,  there's my update.  You guys all rock, and I'll see you in game!  

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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