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  1. I am playing on PC in a CLAN called [OMG] my ingame Name is "NapFloridian"
  2. until

    I would have loved to do the DreadMasters DPS if you still need or have spots.
  3. NapFloridian with [OMG] if you need anything hit me up. I am normally down with all the other SWTOR folks. Started playing the Division and joined a clan even before that was a thing here with us. Holding the position of Lt. there. So yeah find me if you need anything
  4. until

    I may not make it, as I am feeling a bit in the robes today. If I am here at 8:30 I am going, if not you can fill my spot and no hard feelings guys. @DreamingofRoses
  5. until

    Nan'Sphinx (DPS-Assasine) or my Alt (RDPS) will come if there is still a spot
  6. Miami would have been nice, all the NPCs with Flipflops and sunglasses...
  7. until

    Nan'sphinx (Melee-DPS) will be there. 250 Gear rating, 10%-Brain-rating hahaha See you Monday Merliah
  8. Sphinx

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops


    I come with DPS... this week is DREADMASTER ORICON WEEK... we should consider that area also for conquest
  9. until

    I will bring my Mara (Zphinx) he is a level 70, not geared as like my Smuggler or Assassin but he is after all a 236. Thanks in advance for having me.
  10. Happy birthday @Sphinx

    1. Sphinx


      Thank you very very much

  11. until

    Zphinx (Marauder DPS) Level 59ish Or Nan'Sphinx (Assassin) level 70 (DPS)*** *** most likely coming with the lvl70
  12. Happy Birthday Sphinx and I hope you have many more!!!

    1. Sphinx


      Thank you so much my friend, it means a lot

  13. Congrats on membership!

    1. Sphinx


      Thank you very very much !!!!

  14. until

    DPS: Nan'Sphinx
  15. until

    Nan'Sphinx will be there with a lvl 70 Assassin (DPS)