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  1. No more grey Meep Meep. Orange with black offsets. This was a heckuva project this weekend, but sooooo worth it. @Bubbli was such a huge help I couldn't have done it without her on such a short timeline. Next thing on the list will be custom front and rear bumpers. Just need to find a supplier for argon for my TIG machine and work will get started on those. will upload pics all along the way.
  2. Old top-hat and carb just came out. Swapped for a Weber 32/36. We had to buy 4 new tires just to get the darn thing home so lift will be a future upgrade (not going to lift and keep it on 235s, but also not going to replace brand new tires on it either.) Also a SoA will bump me up about 5" (if i get new leafs on it) dont really feel i would need to go much higher than that for now. Bubbli and I own our own business doing just that (plus a whole bunch of other things), but I do thank you for offering your sticker guy As for the other advice I really appreciate it. the "rhino lining" is just a blanket statement. there is actually spray on bedliner in a can that I was planning to do myself it has been recommended to me quite frequently among other forums/rl friends
  3. Glad to be here! This is Hobbs our new "Meep Meep" as the kids have been calling it. I have a bunch of plans for the monster Starting point: 4.2 (258) I6 BA-10 5 speed (bleh) No lift. 235/75/15s Near future plans: New carb (already on the way) SoA lift (will fab most parts myself except for the tranfer case slip sleeve) New bumpers (custom fabbed by myself) Sand blasting and paint (Orange body, Black top/trim) Ripping up the interior carpet and Rhino Lining. 33" tires which will probably be the nail in the coffin for that poor poor tranny. Winch (looking at the 12,000lb badlands, I hate harbor freight but everything that I have seen recently says that is actually a great winch). Far Future plans: 1.9L TDI diesel swap from 03-06 VW (jetta/gulf) oooooorrr, a 4bt from cummins. dana 44s (maybe 60s?) pnematic lockers, onboard air compressor for lockers and re inflating tires after wheeling. Custom built drawers in rear for extra parts etc.