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  1. Starting a transfer now. Hope it works. What is the FC name? I made it across the virtual universe.
  2. I'm on Jenova - Aether now (because I thought that was everyone else was). I will probably look into transferring. In a Free Company there but have no real attachment and would rather be with you people.
  3. The complete edition of Final Fantasy online is on sale for 50% off on until Jan. 4 Maybe be of interest to anyone still using the trial. Actually most of the Square ENIX games are on sale
  4. Just started playing after years of debating with myself about it. Made a character named Arturus Wavestiller on Aether/Jenova. I beginning with the Free to Play version for now but that will change if I can get into the game. Hope to run into some of you.
  5. Happy Birthday @Arturen :) 

    Hope it is simply amazing!!