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  1. Happy birthday @Miniver the Depressed  I hope u r not depressed.

  2. Soooo hi. I'm uh...I'm a dork? Aaand uh...probably kinda odd of me to post here considering I'm likely asexual...but, I like the idea of dating despite that...? I mean, dating in a non-sexual way but still a romantic way if that makes any sense. (shrug) I'm unsure how to explain it without sounding odd. Let's try this again... HI I'M MINIVER AND I LIKE STUFF. Stuff = cats, dogs, casual anime and manga stuff, turn based rpgs, aaaand trying to type a story of sorts. >.> <.< Oh, and to add to the oddness, I'm technically genderqueer, specifically non-binary. (Though anyone who hears me in voice chat knows I sound very feminine) I'm 31 years old, disabled adult, play WoW and GW2 here in the community, and I'm unsure if I still have this position (haven't been as active, so I can understand if it's been taken away) but at one point I was/still am? an RP Assistant in WoW. (Gonna pm the RP Officer right after posting this to check on that XD) I live in A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER Arkansas, USA. Nice place. .... Kinda. ........ Well, it's pretty anyways. Soooooooo if anyone wants to chat feel free to PM me in the forum...? o/ I also hang out in the discord a lot, might need to @mention to get my attention though. (flees the scene like a crime has been committed)
  3. Hello hello! Unfortunately, I can't join the guild at this time because of incoming bills that make it so I can only really subscribe to one game at a time. ....I think. However, I AM interested in knowing what server the group plays on. ... Wait, I can just look that up. XD Once I have 1. new car 2. car insurance and 3. latest utilities bill (had to rent modem) I'll see if I have any extra money to resub to this game alongside World of Warcraft. :3