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  1. Soooo hi. I'm uh...I'm a dork? Aaand uh...probably kinda odd of me to post here considering I'm likely asexual...but, I like the idea of dating despite that...? I mean, dating in a non-sexual way but still a romantic way if that makes any sense. (shrug) I'm unsure how to explain it without sounding odd. Let's try this again... HI I'M MINIVER AND I LIKE STUFF. Stuff = cats, dogs, casual anime and manga stuff, turn based rpgs, aaaand trying to type a story of sorts. >.> <.< Oh, and to add to the oddness, I'm technically genderqueer, specifically non-binary. (Though anyone who hears me in voice chat knows I sound very feminine) I'm 31 years old, disabled adult, play WoW and GW2 here in the community, and I'm unsure if I still have this position (haven't been as active, so I can understand if it's been taken away) but at one point I was/still am? an RP Assistant in WoW. (Gonna pm the RP Officer right after posting this to check on that XD) I live in A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER Arkansas, USA. Nice place. .... Kinda. ........ Well, it's pretty anyways. Soooooooo if anyone wants to chat feel free to PM me in the forum...? o/ I also hang out in the discord a lot, might need to @mention to get my attention though. (flees the scene like a crime has been committed)
  2. For years I've been saying, "I love anime but don't have the patience to sit down and watch it." and use that to explain why I don't finish series much any more unless it's only 12 episodes, and even that can get tricky. I'm starting to think I have a weirder issue...where I'm TOO emotionally invested, and I avoid anime because of the emotional stress. I realized this when I saw decided I wanted to watch 'Seraph of the End' only to watch one episode and become so emotionally stressed that I felt overwhelmed and had to stop. I don't think it's getting triggered even though that first episode got very sad and violent...I think I like the show enough to where I WANT to watch it. I have mental health issues not to mention being on the autism spectrum, so that could explain this reaction, but dang, if that's the case I have to be really careful about what anime I watch. It also worries me that I used to be able to watch animes that would give me strong reactions and I'd be fine. My favorite series is Puella Magi Madoka Magica after all! I haven't finished it, but I haven't felt like this about FATE/Zero either, that one IS possibly attention span. (And knowing that the FATE series is complicated and long, making me hesitant to get into it) I recall being a teen and having to stop watching Fushigi Yugi for a while after a certain episode that actually DID severely trigger me, but yeah, I think this isn't being triggered as much as possible mania...? *looks up* Ohhhh, that's a long paragraph. Let me summarize...anime is making me emotionally uncomfortable, so I'm having trouble watching it, wtf there goes me trying to reawaken an old hobby... Does anyone else have issues where their mental health gets in the way of enjoying anime?
  3. Mami Tomoe's Tiro Finale. Yeah yeah, we all know what happens, thanks to mmorpgs with cannon or gunslinger classes though I can't help but like it.
  4. Hello hello! Unfortunately, I can't join the guild at this time because of incoming bills that make it so I can only really subscribe to one game at a time. ....I think. However, I AM interested in knowing what server the group plays on. ... Wait, I can just look that up. XD Once I have 1. new car 2. car insurance and 3. latest utilities bill (had to rent modem) I'll see if I have any extra money to resub to this game alongside World of Warcraft. :3

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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