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    my name is Darius or u can call me Bears (gaming name), I am 28 years old from New Jersey. I am a PC Gamer, I was a manager of Lacrosse school sports team for 5 years in high school,, I have a disability called cerebral palsy, I went to a sleepaway camp for 6 years, I also like to talk with friends and hang out with my family alot, I am currently at a program job training placed called Arc which is a program that teaches people with disabilities how to be independent, I used to work at a flower shop called Vaseful Flowers and Gifts. I am Italian, Czechs Solvoc, German and African American and Jewish as part of nationallies, I also like to use the computer and play games, I also used to play buddyball which is baseball for, my birthday is January 22 ill be 27 years old. I also like to help people as much as possible in the world, I also played alot of console games growing up like Spyro The Dragon, Nascar, Mario Kart etc, I also like to eat alot of food like chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, ramen soup, pasta, lasagna, PC Games I play are Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, MotoGP 08, Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault etc, In addition I also like to eat foods such as ramen noodle soup, pasta (linguine), Shrimp Scampi, White Clam Sauce, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese, Chicken FIngers/Tenders/Cutlets/chicken franchise. Soft Drinks etc such as Soda, Apple Juice, Orange Juice etc, I also used to play baseball (buddyball), I have a younger brother and I am very happy to have a wonderful supportive family to help me with whatever I need

    Thank u all again for having me in RoH and SWTOR

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    Darius Halestorm
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    Jedi Guardian
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    Bears Sorceress
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  1. Hey all I am writing this post on behalf of @lightroseknightshe will not be able to log in from August 17th until school is over so I will be checking in for her in game while she is away 


    Please contact me on here or in game if u have questions or anything @Bears (Darius) or Darius Halestorm in SWTOR or Bears Man.4896 in GW2


    I have been granted permissions from @lightroseknightto use her accounts until she finishes school to keep track of her logins etc


    thank u for your cooperation 


    Bears (Darius)

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    2. Bears (Darius)

      Bears (Darius)

      @lightroseknightI love u so much baby ill always be here for u if u need anything <3

    3. Junlar


      I appreciate the heads up, but please post this in the Leave of Absence thread for assured visibility amongst the community leadership. Thank you very much!

    4. Bears (Darius)

      Bears (Darius)

      I copied the thread over to there @Junlar