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  1. Lthawkeye139

    Remnants of Hope: Rules and Regulations

    /sign Lthawkeye139
  2. Lthawkeye139

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Good to see that there is an amount of people playing/interested in DnD. I have been a GM for about 6 or so years and mostly just run homebrewed games do to having some issues with mechanics in DnD (like grid based movement and overall balancing of official games).
  3. Lthawkeye139

    A Community Farm

    More or less just going to put in my two cents. But I would love to see a community farm and see how well a farm would do with up to 10 people.Don't forget to harass @Maeric about it as hard as you can.

Congratulations to Angst, DreamingofRoses, Mevraz & orbitoclast on being chosen Members of the Month for January for their primary divisions!

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