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  1. Hey everyone!!! Almost a year ago I decided to change the way I lived and starting training calisthenics, I've been on the sport since and love it, and for me it was incredibly hard to get in to cause there is so much to cover and so many excersises you can do that it can be incredibly overwhelming, and the fact that there are so many paid programs that you can simply find free somewhere else but it's so hard to start looking for it, that is why I decided to make a simple drive and upload everithing I learn and know, and I'll try to have everithing in both spanish and english. What's in there now: -Diet plan: I hate how comertialized are meal plans to lose fat or gain weight, because if you knew enough you could make your own, and that is my intention in this plan, I reserched a way to calculate the daily amount of calories your body need so that way yo can make your own meals around this calorie value, also considerng the importance of balance in macronutrients intake in this meals, I specifided an estimated in what % you should eat every macronutrient (which are obiously spread in the different tipes of food) for your meals. -Basic training plan and basic calisthenics plan: I'm currently rewriteing these ones cause I try them out to see how effective they are and I'm still not 100% convinced, but the basic one is REALLY basic, it's literally for someone that it's not used to workout and want's to start being a bit more healthy (also they are in just in spanish for now) The Calisthenics one involves more excersises that will help yo progress on this sport, but it's challenging, I won't lie, but I made it that way so you challenge yourself to reach those reps (When I started for example, I could only do 3 pull-ups, and I had already 2 years of navy background but the only thing I learn were push ups damn) -My Training plan: I like a challenge and I know a lot of people do, so I update the training plan I make for myself and keep it there updated for people that are in the same lvl as I am and want a challenge too -More comming up: I am going to upload more informative diet and fitness PDF's and probablly make some videos too! Even though I'm not a professional in any of these I do like to share all I know about fitness and calisthenics, cause I just love it and anyone wants any more specific help I have no problem at all, I do this because Calisthenics is one of my passions and not to get monetized in any way. And don't worry cause I'm probably going o start spamming this group wth some cool fitness topics from time to time EDIT: All the programs are now on both english and spanish, hope it helps!
  2. Sound amazing!! looking forward to it! And well... you got that right!!!
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